Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perfect Growth

In the whole history of the English language there are 2 words that sound and feel better than any other words in the whole wide world. At least for today those 2 words are “perfect growth”.
Before the ultrasound Dr. Man said that today we should see something that looks like a baby and that even though “your chances of miscarriage are NEVER 0%, if everything looks good today, that’s as close as you’ll ever get.”
Once he got “in there” with his cool camera we immediately saw Baby Egbert which was a huge relief. Last time we saw nothing, then he zoomed in and we saw the yolk sac, then he zoomed in again and we saw tiny little speck of baby. It was nice this time to not have to zoom in 3 times before even seeing anything.
Instead of
“see that?”
“how ‘bout now?”
“ what about this flicker right…….here!” 
“yeah OK”
“that’s it”
“Oh. OK.”
It was more like
“oh look! That’s our baby! And there’s the head, and the toes!”
“And here’s the heartbeat. And here’s the umbilical cord.”
“Lookit! I can see it!”
I know none of you have ever seen anything that looks at all like my ultrasound, and I know you’re all dying to see my 9 weeks and 3 days baby. So I’ll scan the printouts he gave me and post them later.
My favorite part is when he measured everything, and said “yep. That’s 9 weeks 3 days - perfect growth.” The first time we went, he said “no baby in there. Either we’re early, or we’re miscarrying” and my heart sank (sunk??). Deep. Fell straight through that stupid exam table and down 3 floors to be buried below the colon Dr.’s office on the 1st floor.
Today when he said “Perfect growth.” I could’ve jumped off the table and done backflips. I’m laying on the table, Josh is holding my hand and all of a sudden everything is right in the world.
As a side note, he gave me some suckers (yep. Suckers.) which should help with the nausea. He also gave me a prescription, but it will make me sleep….so I might not be able to pull that one off and still wake up in the morning. He figured the dizziness and feeling of passing out is due to being dehydrated from all the puking. He told me to TRY to drink more (of anything, he didn't even care what it was!) but that the real cure is to wait a couple of weeks for the nausea to pass and then I’d be fine anyway. Since baby is growing right on schedule, he’s not concerned about my current lack of nourishment.


  1. Awesome!! That's so great! My doctor wouldn't even see me until 12 weeks b/c I'm high risk, so seeing my baby for the first time was so incredible, and such a relief!

  2. Hey -- so my doctor told me that my nausea meds would make me sleepy too. But I didn't notice anything over my normal sleepiness and I felt great cause I wasn't puking. I still felt sick but I didn't hurl every few mins :) Still up to you... Suckers would have been fun! Warning: throwing up a nausea pill - worse experience of my life. Seriously, GROSS! :)

  3. Yay! I'm glad everything's perfect! :)

  4. :D

    Yay for suckers and pictures of the fetus and normal growth! Keep up the good work!

  5. HURRAY for a perfect growing niece/nephew. Yippee!!!

  6. Drink beer! That'll teach him to be more precise when he says you can drink anything.

  7. Yay Amy! I am so happy for you!


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