Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drumroll please....and the Baby Color is.....

Dr. Man: "Well this one is easy!"
Josh: "It's a boy!"
Amy: "Really? That's what we're looking at?"
Dr. Man: "Yep. This is definitely a boy" (Dr. Man then proceeded to label all of his parts in very clinical and embarrassing terms using the mouse as a pointer. Fortunately I have extra blood going through me so I can blush on cue.) 

My favorite conversation of the morning has to be this:
Amy: "We're havin' a boy! Dr. Man said 'this is definitely a boy'"
Josh: "I said it first."
Amy: "Yeah. Josh could TOTALLY tell, I couldn't though."
Papa Fugal: "Well, you can usually tell because boys have that thing hanging down."
Amy: "Thanks for that Daddy. I'm really glad we finally had this talk. Took ya long enough!"
Nana Fugal: "He's not talking about the uvula, OK?"


  1. Oh yes, boys are fun indeed. Congratulations!

  2. YAY!!! Another boy in the neighborhood! I guess I'll retire from my baby gender guessing. 50/50 chances and I still couldn't get it right! :) Ours was just as obvious (and SO fun to find out!!!) Let the shopping begin!!

  3. Kudos! I totally thought it would be a girl and I'm almost always wrong so this is just one more to the list. Boys are so sweet and cuddly.

  4. LOL, you're conversations are just too funny. "Baby Egbert" will be named ______?

  5. Fine. You win.

    But make him be friends with Lucy. And Randy. (poor Randy, he might never get his own boy baby.)

    Also, you're going to have to deal with urine in the face and I won't so (tongue sticking out).

  6. YAY!! Boys are fun! :) Any names picked out?

  7. Congratulations! This neighborhood really does need a few more boys. How fun.

  8. YAY!!! I totally knew it. Not sure how, I just knew. Somehow, I'm pretty much always right ;) And I totally think it's great to have a boy first. I loved having a big brother to protect me :)


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