Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Girl Names

Nope, not an announcement. The big day is tomorrow. But I need help before that.

I'm nervous, I haven't really cared what gender our baby is because I will absolutely love it either way. Seriously I will.

But, I kinda hope it's a boy because I really can't think of any girl names that I like that are not yet taken. I know everybody is pregnant and you don't wanna share* your adorable girl names. I get that, I'm not so great with the sharing thing either. But seriously I need your help. Please share your cute girl names (that go with Egbert) because if we show up to that appointment tomorrow and he says "she's a girl!" and groan because I can't call her anything because all girl names are ugly....well the repercussions could be huge.

What if she winds up being a cross-dresser? What if she won't let me paint her toenails, or she does drugs, or rebels against her femininity her whole life? What if she doesn't wanna be a mom because she resents being a girl? What if she shaves her head bald and paints her face black and puts one of those icky spiky collars around her neck? What if her whole life is screwed up all because I can't think of a girl name and I groaned when I found out that's what she was?

Also I sorta believe that if I'm more prepared for a boy, it'll be a girl. And visa versa. So, if I could find like 10 girl names that go with Egbert that are cute that Josh and I both agree on, then it'll be a boy and we won't actually have to use any of them. So please. Help me.

*Disclaimer, while I reserve the right to steal any names offered here, just because you list it doesn't mean I'll like it. I'm REALLY picky. I mean REALLY picky. So, don't be afraid to list a bunch, or your favorite one that you've secretly been saving all these years. Chances are I won't use it anyway, there are like 10 million names out there, ya know?*


  1. Tahnee Nielsen Egbert works too!

  2. Emalyn is cute. Emalyn Egbert. Just in case you are dumb and don't like Tahnee Nielsen Egbert. Hey... what about Tahnee Emalyn Egbert.

  3. I can't do Tahnee, I knew a Tahnee once and she was kinda mean....kept saying something about "going to my head" and she hated pie. Emalyn is cut though....but you spelled it weird. But there's not a better way to spell it, PLUS then I could call her Emma, that's cute too. You're good at this!

  4. Sarah, Katy, Amy, Elizabeth (Ellie), Jennifer, Jen Ford, Jessica, Jerubabel, Kristy, Katelyn, Amber, Alysa, Andrea, Angie, Angela, Barbara, (not that k) Betty, Bertha, Bambi, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Wynter, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Rose, Jasmine, Amethyst, Turquoise, Daisy, Tulip, Pansy, Orchid, Eloise (Ellie again), Mae, April, October, Lucy Ilene, Nyla Anne, Mya, Rylin, Elise, Jordyn, Kamryn, AnnDee, Annie.

  5. Ashley, Kirsten, Melissa, Amanda, Maple Syrup, Janice, Beth, Taylor, Tenisia, Anastasia, Drusella, Diane, Della, Debany, Ebony, Isabella, Bella, Alice, Rosemary, Rene, Esme, Renesmee,

    And besides, why don't you want a girl anywayz?

  6. I love the name Emma. And Morgan, Katherine (Luke won't let me name a girl that, and I think it sounds really cute with your last name), Jordan (or Jordyn, as Katy spelled it).

  7. I totally agree with you! Girl names are TOUGH!

  8. Deseret.
    Or Jerusha.
    Or both.

  9. You are so very wrong. Girls names are a walk in he park. I could have had 10 girls and still not exhausted my lists. Instead I had two boys and both times ended up with the one we couldn't eliminate.

    Elyse (or Alyse), Eloise, Maya, Caroline, Leah, Grace, Paige, Elsie, Taryn, Olivia, Emmaline, Reese, Meredith, Andie, Dayle (from an old Fred & Ginger movie Top Hat--watch it and she'll be named--it was actually a fairly common name back then), Audrey, Audra, Emmy, Macy . . . and if those are good enough, you can always steal a boys name and then your daughter will be cool and trendy . . . like Tyler or Cameron. You can't get away with that for a boy--just decide to call your son Maria and start a tred. It just doesn't work that way.

  10. I have to say baby boys are the BEST. lol! Anyways, if we were to have a girl we'd name her Natalie or Kimberly.

  11. I don't know why there are any further comments...after your sister came up with Jerubabel I think your decision was made for you! :)
    Personally, if I have a girl someday (assuming those little Y chromosomes stop popping up), she'll be Lucy. I love the name Jane also, but Kyle won't go for it.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  12. I like Claire, Olivia, Elle, Dulce

    Cam and I had so many girls names and no boys names. We didn't name Luca til he was 5 days old. I'll find my list and post it.

  13. Cadence. like the music term. We love this name but it sounds too much like Kason so we will not be naming our future daughter (if we have one) that
    also i love the following:

    there is more i will think

  14. One of my favorite websites to play with is Baby Name Wizard, and its sister site, Nymbler.

    I'm not going to share my name yet because we only have one girl's name picked out...but I will say that when we went in for Rachel's ultrasound we had only boy's names and she ended up being a girl. But we didn't groan. :)

  15. Arabelle? Trixy? Lola? Betty Jo? Wilma? Kidding! But I do kind of like the first one.

  16. I know I know you're having a boy...I'd just like to say that I agree with Katy's second post where she said "Amanda"... :D I like that one. And she forgot Snow White, and Pocohantas...and Mulan. I like Mulan.


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