Monday, May 18, 2009

First camping trip of the season

Remember in high school when you wished every weekend that your parents would go out of town so you could have the house to yourself and throw a big party?  Well, for me that never happened. Not once. My parents are entirely too responsible.

However, now that we're all grown up, and they live home alone, they sometimes go to Seattle to visit my older brother.

Friday morning we decided to go camping that night.

Friday afternoon we called everyone we're related to and asked if they wanted to join us (only the Marshes and the young Reilleys were brave enough).

Friday afternoon (later) we called the campsite we planned to go to and found out it wasn't open yet.

Friday evening we drove to Lindon with Tato & Cami to eat dutch oven pizza with the Marshes. We pitched tents, played games, sat around, ate food, jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing. Then the Hunters came and we played night games until way past our bedtime.

Friday night we laid on the ground in our tent and pretended we were sleeping. All. Night. Long.

The Marshes were sissies and used the trampoline for a bed, I'm pretty sure they got a great night's sleep.

Saturday morning we woke up cranky and ate breakfast at Carl's Jr. before returning the Reilley's to their home.

We're claiming it was still pretty wilderness-y after all...want evidence?

See? a tent.

And a tree.
And Randy will swear on his life there's a squirrel somewhere in there....I can't see it....
*update* Nate can see the squirrel and pointed it out to me. Here's the proof.

and Nature!
And that was the first camping trip of the season. We are sissies.


  1. Wow! What an eventful weekend! No wonder you feel like crud today. :)

    I hope that baby starts being nicer to you.

    (Sheesh, Thomas!)


  2. we went camping too!! we went to a camp ground and had a blast!! too bad kason woke up both nights with nightmares and ended up in hourS long car rides at 2am!! lol but it was fun

  3. That was not "sissy!" I know because I slept worse on that trampoline than I do on our air mattress ;) Also, the squirrel, pine tree, and dutch ovens. It was real camping.

  4. You guys are TOOOOOO fun! I'm glad we could steal your parents for you! ;)


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