Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Weekend

You know the crazies who go shopping on Black Friday? How they swarm to every big store on the planet, and they swear they getting deals making it totally worth waking up at 2am and camping out on the sidewalk?

You know how they don't stop for anything no matter how tired, grouchy, or hungry they are?

You know how the rest of us look at those people with pity and we don't even wanna hear about the great deals they got because we think that no price it too high for NOT having to fight those crowds?

Well, I think we might be the camping equivalent of hardcore-black-friday-shoppers because we (along with 99% of the state of Utah) went camping for Memorial Day.

The 1% of you who slept in your normal beds, plan to see a movie on Monday, and don't currently smell like smoke are really missing out. I mean really.

Wanna know what made this particular camping trip so great?

Nate & Wendy went up early on Friday to get us a great spot. Trees for shade, fire pit, close to the road so we could carry in all of our heavy gear, far from the road so you don't feel like everybody can see you, a place over the hill for the boys to shoot stuff and throw sharp things. It was beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

That's Josh, also our "gear" yes, we could have lived there for days. Thanks for asking.

Do-rag courtesy of Nate. You should all thank him so you don't have to see my hair...yikes.

Nothin' like a good card game on the cooler.

After spending Friday night there, and most of Saturday, we migrated down the canyon to the world's most beautiful picnic site.

The picnic table and firre pit were RIGHT by the river, I mean RIGHT by the river. There were trees growing out of the middle of the river and a picnic table in the middle too. We chose not to use that one because when Wendy and I stuck our feet in, they ached because the water was so cold.

We at our yummy dutch oven food, built more fires, played more cards (ever played Rodrigo? you should) and more Yahtzee. Good times. We finished our picnic in the rain, and packed up to come home at about 8:00.

Things that made it slightly less than perfect?

Nate & Wendy's car got broken into. Window smashed in, but nothing missing. The nice man from the Sherriff's station came to take pictures & write up a report. Bummer for them. But, in Nate's words "of all the times/ways for our car to be broken into, this was great!" he has the week off work, so he doens't have to worry about when he'll get it fixed. And nothing was missing, so really it's just a matter of getting the insurance to cover it. I would've been much more peeved than he was...he's cool like that.

If you were the person who smashed in the car window, I gotta say, you really missed on this one. You forgot to steal stuff. Not the 80 GB iPod, none of the 50+ movies, not the pair of Oakley sunglasses, or even 1 cent of the $3.00 in change. You really should work on your thieving skills.

Since it rained on Saturday night, we packed up, went home and had a sleepover at their house. Where the games & good times continued.

We had a fabulous weekend, came home on Sunday night, have already put away the camping stuff, done most of the laundry AND taken naps. I've been swimming twice (so far) today and we're going to finally plant our tomato and squash buckets today.  Thank goodness we had the day off today because I'm beat!


  1. Super fun trip. I LOVE Logan Canyon! I'm so sorry about the car window though. :(

    Good job campin' in the crowds! You earned a long nap.

  2. Glad you had a fun camping trip. I laugh because I imagine you four with two babies next year. Ha Ha your life is about to change big time!! At least your only doing it one baby at a time though.

  3. I LOVE CAMPING AND LOGAN AND YOU GUYS!! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  4. Yay :) What about the .01% of us that had to work? Sucks to be us I guess...


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