Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bumper Pads

I love it when I get to ask "the blog world" a question and then I get the answer. I love that you guys tell me your experiences and opinions (yes, I'm actually ASKING for your opinions - go ahead and share them) and I love the having one place to go to find all the answers. Let's face it, there's a lot of garbage on the internet, and I trust you more than I trust wiki-answers. That's saying something.

So, help me some more!

Bumper pads:

They're adorable, yes?
They made the crib look less like a jail and more like a....crib, yes?
They help define the "theme" of your baby's space...or whatever, yes?
Are they also a death trap for my baby?

I've read some stuff that says if you have bumper pads you're a bad mom who cares more about the way your room looks than the safety of your own child (which I think is quite a leap by the way...) and I've read other stuff that says if you're so paranoid that you can't have bumpers on your child's bed, your kids is eternally screwed up because you'll also not let them play in the sandbox, go to kindergarten, or eat ice cream from the ice cream truck (also a leap in my opinion).

So, what do you know? Did your kid almost get strangled by a bumper pad? Have you had bumper pads on your crib for 20 years and never had a problem? Did your sister-in-law's dog's previous owner's brother do a study on this for his degree? If so, what did he find? What have you found? Is it appropriate until a certain age or level of mobility? Help me out here.


  1. Apparently Josh was born before they were scary, so I put them on for him, but really only because we had them and I thought I had to. Since then, I figured that there really is no reason to bother with them. Without them it is a lot easier to see the baby in the crib when you peek in to check on him. So I figure, why bother. That's what I do.

  2. I use them with Evelyn. I like them because she likes to sleep up in the corner as far as she can get and I figure she'd probably rather have her head up against something soft than hard bars. Also, the room she sleeps in is pretty light during the day and they help block some of that light so I like to think that helps her sleep better too. And yes, I think they are pretty too. But, I don't think they are absolutely necessary and you won't be a bad mother if you decide not to use them.

  3. Hi Amy,

    I found your blog through Nancy Heiss! I'm preggo with my first too, and had the same thoughts about bumper pads. My understanding from what I've read (sorry, no experience to draw from yet!) is that as long as they're secured well, so they're tight against the crib in all places, they're really not a danger.

    I actually decided to make my own, since they're so STINKIN' expensive! I just went to a fabric store, and they had the pads that go inside along with a pattern! I bought fabric, and voila. (Well, not yet-- I'm still working on them.) The ones I have are six short pads rather than two long and two short ones, so they don't sag and they securely tie.

    Just my two cents! I love your blog, by the way.

  4. I used bumper pads with Braedyn cuz I thought I had to, and never really had any problems. Plus, when he would roll around (and he is a serious roller!) I figured they were a little softer to hit than the bed. I made sure they were secure, and the "breathable" kind, so he didn't suffocate in them. then with Brock I read that they're bad, so I decided to go without. Once he started rolling his feet would go through the rails and get stuck, he would wake up screaming cuz, lets face it, that's gotta hurt. So, I put them on, and now he sleeps much better. Maybe it's just cuz I have very rolly children, but I prefer bumper pads, and not just cuz they look cute (which they do).

  5. All 3 of my kiddos have had the pads on their crib. I don't see a reason not to. I totally agree with the other's a lot softer to bump up against than the hard bars...probably why they're called bumper pads. Personally, in my opinion...I think all the hoopla about them being a death trap is a bunch of crap. If you follow the instructions and have them secure (I don't know why they wouldn't be secure) then what's the problem?? lol There are some really cute ones out there too! :)

  6. If using them makes you a bad mom then we can be bad moms together. I just finished mine yesterday, and I think they are really cute. I even followed all the safety guidelines they set for people who choose to ignore advice about not using bumpers. I think if you like them you should put them in Thomas' crib.

  7. Sounds like we really need to learn how to sew.

    And anywayz, would you please ask your readers about potty training? I don't know what to do and I want a really great reference book or SOMETHING.

  8. I had them with Kason and he is perfectly fine :)
    I actually prefer them because well lets face it, my child is a monkey and he has gotten his feet stuck in between the bars of his crib when we took out the bumper pad. (he was using it to climb on but he was almost one at that time)
    I think that if you have them tied properly there is NOTHING wrong with them at all. Its probably more dangerous to have a blanket in the crib, which i do as well because he is completely attached.
    anywho i think they are safe and your not a bad mom with either way you go on this, bumper or no bumper

  9. Katy,

    My advice for potty training? Don't do it. It's not worth it to you or your child. She'll figure it out, and if not, the peer pressure at kindergarten will do all the work for you.

    You think I'm kidding.

    I'm not.

  10. I use bumper pads and I've never had a problem! My baby likes to poke her head up and see if her sister is around to play with...and since she shares a room I like that it blocks her view. If they made them a little taller I would probably buy them :)

  11. I use them...they're cute and I've never had a problem.

  12. We didn't have bumper pads because they were too expensive and I can't sew. Rachel was also a child who would get her legs all tangled in the bars of the crib and wake up screaming...we wrapped blankets in and out of the bars for a while until she learned to sleep relatively still-like.

    I don't think they're a bad thing. I think they get a lot of bad hype...but I don't think that many kids suffer from using them. Or not using them, for that matter.

  13. Hi this is Sarah Stillwell Millett, My opinion is that bumper pads are not dangerous as long as they are secure. We used them with our first and then tried not using them with the second. We ended up putting them on because like others have said our kids legs/arms get caught in the bars, but also we would always lose their pacifiers behind the bed when they spit them out at night. With the bumpers, they would stay in the bed and they were much easier to keep track of.

  14. At the nicu they told us that we would kill our babies with bumper pads and even blankets. Only a tight sheet. However I disobeyed and used them. I've heard lots of problems about getting stuck in the bars and nobody that's had a baby suffocate in the pads. However, if you want to use them don't buy ad crib that has a solid side on the back or they can't tie down and you can't use them.


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