Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's official

I'm pregnant.

I've known that for 111 days.
That's 15 weeks.
2664 hours
159,840 minutes.

Funny thing is, today I can tell. Maybe I'm slow (probably most women don't take 111 days to be able to tell), I know women who "KNOW as soon as it happens". I'm not one of those women.

Some factors contributing to my sudden "feeling" pregnant?

  • I'm tired. I'm so tired all I can do is cry. I can't even sob-cry, I just whimper cry because it takes less energy. My eyes won't stay open. I can't sleep. The worst part is I know this is NOTHING compared to what it feels like when you have 5 little kids running around and you haven't slept in 10 years since the first one was born. I know I'm a sissy for being so tired and I can't function when the truth is I slept for 8 hours last night and only woke up twice. That thought makes me more tired.
  • My stomach hurts ALL the time. OK just since yesterday, but I swear I can feel things moving around and stuff stretching out. It hurts. Bad.
  • My clothes don't fit. While we were camping last weekend  we sat down to play some cards and I swear my pants fit when I sat down, but when I stood up 2 hours later, they suddenly didn't anymore. Seriously. That's not gonna work for me.
  • It's hot. I'm not really sure what my problem is, but I can't get my body to a comfortable temperature, unless of course I'm mostly naked (calm down, I wear a swimsuit) in a pool and eating a snow cone. 
  • My ring doesn't fit today. I swear overnight something happened to my body because I'm hot and swollen and tired and in pain and my fingers (which were smaller than my ring yesterday) are larger than my ring today.
Today, I feel pregnant.


  1. So the barfing constantly didn't tip you off months ago?

    Here's the thing, baby Thomas needs lots of naps. If you don't want him to come out of there sleep deprived, you better work on getting more like 10-12 hours. ;D

    The swelling of the fingers thing happened to me WAY earlier with Ryann than it has with Lucy. In fact, I'm still able to wear my ring?!? A long time ago, I asked Randy if this time we could buy a cubic zirconia ring so I wouldn't have to feel husbandless going 5 months without one. I was envisioning another proposal moment and everything, only then my fingers didn't swell. (This time it's my hips that are the problem and there's no jewelry that looks good on hips. Rats.)

    Anywayz, congratulations on 111 days. That's a lot!

  2. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. It actually took me a long time too to "feel" pregnant. I definitely didn't know right away.

    Your stomach hurting badly all the time doesn't sound normal to me...I mean there's some growing pains, but I think it shouldn't really be constant or severe. Maybe you should ask your doctor about that?

  3. Dang...that blows...I'm sorry >.<
    I'd bring you cookies if you didn't live so far away and I didn't live at work...

  4. you're only 15 weeks? Holy Cow we have a long way to go! (not what you wanted to hear I"m sure)

  5. @Kristina - 19 weeks along, I've KNOWN for 15 weeks. Thank goodness.

  6. OH good, I was worried

  7. OH good, I was worried


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