Monday, May 18, 2009

This is why I don't answer the door

Josh is downstairs trying to convince the salesman that we don't need to buy their $2 coupons for oil changes.

Today I'm proud of him, he usually gets sucked into the sales pitch, but he may not let them make it past "can we come in and tell you about it" this time.

In the meantime, I'm just glad I made that deal about not answering the door for strangers, because I do not love them, they do not love me, and I NEVER have as much money as they want.


  1. He came to my house too! Unfortunately I was outside playing with my kids so he didn't see my "no soliciting" sign! I guess I need to have a T-shirt made :)

  2. Yeah, he was at my house a couple of days ago too! He was all, "Hey, we're just down the street, so really we're neighbors."

    At that point I should have asked him if I could borrow a cup of sugar, and if he wouldn't mind watering my lawn when we go out of town.

  3. When I was a solicitor, one thing that really kept me from knocking was a big picture of a gun above the "no soliciting" sign. Maybe your relief society should get together for enrichment night and make some cutsie "no soliciting" with a gun signs out of vinyl.

    (It should probably go above the welcome sign.)

  4. We always get those people who are selling cleaning aids. AH! They drive me bonkers. I told the girl the other day "I've heard the pitch before and I'm just not interested"...she replied "Oh, that wasn't us. But I'll come back in an hour to tell you about what you're missing." I shut the door, made a sign that said "NO SOLICITING!!!" I'm thinking that vinyl gun thing isn't such a bad idea!


  5. Oh man, our area is riddled with door-to-door sales people! And I really, really suck at saying no. We've finally agreed that I don't answer the door when I'm home alone (good policy anyway), and he handles the sales people when he's here.

  6. Salesman are seriously bold these days. Better to not answer. I had a chick just walk into my house to talk to me about childrens books. Took off her shoes, asked for a glass of water, and planted it on my living room floor. NO LIE. If my mom had not been there (helping me tend to my 2 day old baby!) I would have called the police. People are crazy!

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