Wednesday, May 27, 2009

19 weeks

No wonder!
If I was smooshed all up in someone's uterus like this I'd probably try to make them puke too. 
Really it sounds quite reasonable, I mean less food in the stomach means more room to stretch out those legs! Right?

I get crabby and willing to throw things from my carry-on out the airplane window after about 30 minutes, but I still have the freedom to get up and walk up the aisle to the restroom for the leg-stretching part of the flight. So I can't say he's doing anything I wouldn't do.

Poor Baby Thomas is trapped in there with his legs in his face and no hope for change for 21 more weeks. Maybe I'll give him a break, stop poking him and "shame on you"ing at him because really, I'd probably be grouchier if in the same situation.

I guess babies aren't trying to ruin their mother's lives, just attempting to get a little space, comfort and love.


  1. You're too nice. :) The uterus grows with them a little bit and from what I could see on the ultrasound pictures I've seen...they aren't exactly smashed up like that all the time.

    How can they be when their feet are in your bladder/ribs half the time?

  2. Yeah, i had like a million ultrasounds with twins and never once were they folded in half.

  3. P.S. my husband did not have twins, I did. Apparently I'm logged on as him

    Kristina Carter


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