Friday, May 8, 2009

I feel...

I feel.....
  • Happy for a beautiful spring day. I truly believe that the current 62 degrees it is outside is PERFECT.
  • Thankful for my husband.
  • Glad to have been married in the temple.
  • Anxious about the upcoming temperature hike.
  • Pressure to be EVERYWHERE this weekend. (I'm becoming a Holiday hater....but that's a whole other post....)
  • Like chopping off all my hair and starting over.
  • Excited for my Scentsy stuff. (Thanks Jess!)
  • Lonely - is anybody NOT on vacation today? Anybody?
  • Loved by my family.
  • THRILLED for Misty & Ryan (my baby won't be the only Baby Egbert!)
  • Nervous about major decisions.
  • Ready for summer camping season to start.
  • Baby Egbert swimmin' around - at about 4:30 every day. It's our special bonding time.
  • Ready for a new wardrobe.
  • Surprised that the blue votes are currently more than pink!
  • Not as filthy rich as the people around me.
  • WAY filthier rich than the people far from me.
  • Irritated by people's inability to CLOCK IN when you're here and CLOCK OUT when you leave. (Really. It's not rocket science.)
  • Happy to have pregnancy buddies, Nancy (closest to my due date), Katy (closest to my DNA), Wendy (closest to my brother) AND Misty (closest to my crazy-in-law life). Anytime ANYTHING happens in this pregnancy, someone else just went through it, or is about to. That's a nice feeling.
  • Grateful for priesthood leaders. Especially my totally awesome bishopric.
  • Content with life in general.
  • The clock ticking slower than my that a bad thing?


  1. I'm close to your due date too. Mine is the 22 of October.. I thought you were around the same time.

    It's so excited to go through pregnancy the first time. I'm so happy for you and Josh. Great post!

  2. @ Ashley - I totally forgot we were so close! You don't talk about this pregnancy nearly enough... :) But I'm glad we're close too, I just NEVER hear from you.

  3. That's a lot of feelings for one little girl. And anywayz, I think it let me vote twice and I just moved the pink votes ahead. Can't wait till Wednesday!

  4. Great list! I heard about Misty's happy news here first!


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