Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yay! (for the printer, the credit card, and other small triumphs)

I work in the same area as The Printer. The Printer is the one that people from all over the floor use.
There are about 200 "shop guys" on this floor.
The "shop guys" have a lot of talents. A lot of them. They do beautiful work and I love them dearly.
Most of the shop guys have little to zero computer training and all things technology related are not on their "talents I have" list. 
They're not real friendly with computers. They hate them. They curse and swear and threaten to run drill presses, plumbing supplies, and staple guns through the "broken" computers on a regular basis.
Weldon (who is the 2nd cutest overalls man I’ve ever met….1st is my grandpa) came in and kinda cheered when he found his print job on The Printer.
I think a lot of the guys think sending your stuff to the printer is kinda like entering the lottery. If you’re lucky it’ll be waiting for you when you get there. If you’re the other 99% of the population the page size will be off, the paper will have jammed, or someone from Space Management will have just sent a 30 page set of detailed plans to the printer (collated, stapled and 3-hole punched) which will occupy the 100% of the machine’s ability for at least half an hour.
Weldon found it appropriate to cheer that he was one of "the lucky ones" today. I bet the other guys would agree.
The first time Josh & I used our new debit card from our new bank and our new joint checking account (which we had just deposited money in) we were at the grocery store. We ran the card, and kinda cheered when “accepted” popped up on card reader at the checkout stand. I think Josh said something like “sa-weet!” and I said “I love it when we get accepted!” and we gave each other high 5. 
The truth is we were excited. We remembered our pin, our money was already available, and our debit card wasn't stupid.
The unknowing checker-lady looked at us suspiciously.
Josh and I think it’s really funny to do that all the time now. We’re not cheering because we remembered our pin number, or because our card which has never been used before worked, (like we were the first time) sometimes it’s because there’s money in the bank (which is more of a gamble than I’d care to admit), but mostly it’s because we like to laugh at the concerned looks we get from people when they run the card for a $2 transaction and we get all excited when it goes through and make a comment like "must be my lucky day!"
Anyway, I really believe in cheering for small victories. So, GO WELDON! for being glad the printer printed your stuff, GO ME AND JOSH! for having a functioning debit card, and GO YOU! for whatever seemingly 'regular' thing you did today that made you feel like you won.


  1. I would like to be there next time you cheer for your debit card. Especially for the time when the cops come to check if you're criminals. :D

  2. I got out of bed before 9 AM. That's always a little gamble. ;)

    You guys crack me up! I'm glad you're having fun being alive. :)


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