Monday, May 18, 2009

The rest of the weekend

Saturday afternoon we slept in our own bed (much better, thanks for asking).
Saturday afternoon (later) we prepared our food for the weekend. Tin Foil Dinners. Pasta salad for Sunday. Snacks for all the moments in between. 

Saturday evening we went to Santaquin. (Yes, CLEAR out to Santaquin) for a fire food party/game night at Tahnee's house. That's where we played games, ate fire food (minus toast-tites because who wants a toast-tite when you can have the Ward's yummy lava chocolatey goodness? nobody.) and hung out with work friends all night long. I got out my camera and took zero pictures, because Jessica was taking them so I didn't feel like I had to. I LOVE it when I'm off the hook!
Big news of the evening? Aundrea rocks at word games (surprise surprise) and I ate a bite of deer hot dog. Wasn't as bad as you think it was. Actually kinda good. Maybe I've been craving the rest of that deer hotdog ever since. But, I have some pride and I'm not telling Tayler that I liked his yucky deer dog. Gross.

Saturday night we slept in Lindon, inside my parents house this time. Also with permission. Also we didn't break anything, not a lamp or anything. Also there was no booze involved AND we didn't invite everyone we know. We're responsible children and that's why my mom gave us permission to stay there without them. She'd probably never let Katy do that. :)

Sunday we spent the day with the Reilleys. More food, more games, more laughing, and a tiny bit of a sunburn. OK I can barely move my arms, but whatever.

We finally landed back at home last night and unpacked cleaned up and went to bed at a "reasonable hour" thank goodness.

That's when Baby Thomas decided my bladder was a soccer ball and went to town. It was another long night and this morning I feel like crap. I woke up puking. I'm too dizzy and tired to walk from the bed to the bathroom, so I crawl. I have zero brain ability and zero desire to do anything.

I'm tired, worn down, overwhelmed and incapable of functioning like a normal human being. All I want to do is lay in my bed and cry all day long, but instead I'm blogging because somehow I think then I can say I was sorta productive today.

Mostly I doubt my ability to handle things, to be a mom, and to make it through the remaining 155 days of this pregnancy. BUT a lot of people have lived through a LOT worse, and I really I shouldn't be whining. A year ago I would've KILLED to be this sick and pregnant. Today.....I'm not so sure I've got what it takes.


  1. Oh hunny. You need a good nap. How can I help you?

    You've got what it takes. That was one killer weekend--kudos to you for all that fun-havin. I was exhausted after the first event!

  2. Repeat after me: I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am amazing. I can do ANYTHING.

    You will be fabulous mommy! (love ya!)

  3. A little advice from Dr. Spock... (no, not Spock from Star Trek)

    Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

    It's hard not to feel anxious though, but I'm confident you'll be a wonderful mom!

  4. Santaquin is right by me! I live in Payson!

  5. Not that I have any experience in being pregnant, but I've heard that vitamin B12 helps nausea/vomiting. Have you tried that? I have some awesome prenatal vitamins (again, this is not an announcement, just preparation) that you are welcome to try to see if they help with your sick feelings. Let me know.

  6. Feel better!! You WILL make it!


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