Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bring on the diapers!

No. Not for me.

Josh and I both think it's a good idea to start buying boring stuff like diapers early on so we have plenty on hand and don't get depressed when we have to buy 20,000 of them in 1 week.

However, I have it my head that there's so much fun stuff to buy and I wanna buy something fun first. Do I really want to say the first baby item I ever bought was a jumbo pack of diapers at the grocery store? No.

So, I've banned us from buying boring things until we have something fun for the baby.

On Wednesday we went to Go Bananas because my sister-in-law said they just got a bunch of baby stuff in.

She was right.

We got a pack 'n play, a swing, a bath, and a changing pad ALL for $85. I feel good about that, so if you got a better deal don't tell me about it.

Now that we got some fun stuff the baby shopping can begin. Bring on the diapers.

Incidentally, how many diapers do I need? If I buy a pack of diapers every time I go to the grocery store for the next 6 I gonna be sorry? How many of which sizes should I start stocking up on?


  1. I always buy a couple packages of the cute, tiny newborn size and then start stocking up on the size ones. (Some babies come out already too big for the newborn size.) It seems like I changed my newborns about every 2-3 hours during the day and at least once at night so that makes around...8-10 diapers a day I think. I don't think I ever had more than 4 or 5 packages at a time just because space is always limited. :) Good luck- the shopping is so fun!

  2. Have you ever thought about cloth diapers? Just wondering. Because we love them.

  3. Bum Genius 3.0, specifically because they can be used on babies from like 8 to 36 pounds or something like that and work like a disposable, only you wash them instead of throwing them away. They're so easy.

    That said, the first few weeks you will go through SO MANY diapers. I think I'm going to use disposables for the first little while just because who wants to wash diapers when they're busy with a newborn? Not me.

    Also, we do elimination that cuts down on the number of diapers we use anyway.

    Just some alternative theories to disposable diapers. :)

    Oh, and at Costco if you buy diapers (and wipes, don't forget those) you can return unopened packages with no questions asked. At least, you could when we returned like 3 boxes of wipes and 4 boxes of diapers. :) We just said we didn't need them and they gave us our money back on a Costco card.

  4. gdiapers are the cutiest diapers out there!! That's what I use for Annabelle. Check em out I love them!! If you don't want to do those then I'd say a couple things of newborn diapers, a case of 1's, a case or 2 of 2's-3's...that should keep ya covered for a while.

  5. What is this Go Bananas place? I am now officially in the third trimester, and baby girl Ivins has NOTHING.

  6. @Nancy/Twitch - I've thought about cloth diapers, but only because I read your blog and all about elimination communication. Let's be honest, having a potty trained 2 year old sounds REALLY nice. REALLY nice. But, I'm not so sure I'm consistent enough to do it...there are so many things required, that in the beginning it would just make me cry. So....we'll see how I feel a little later. :)

    @Jessica - West Jordan (7800 S 3200 W), but it's kinda like a Ross (smaller) so you have to shop it pretty regularly to get something good, the first time we went we were not impressed, this time when we knew there was good stuff...VERY impressed.

  7. Honestly I stocking up early really isn't that helpful. My babies were in preemie diapers for 2 months then newborn for like 3 months. My point is you don't know what size your baby is and who needs an extra trip to take back diapers and find receipts? Just wait and by the way Target's brand Up & Up is the very cheapest (better than costco) and they're cute. Same for baby food, it's less than half of the Walmart generic brand. I just found this out this week and I'm wishing someone had said something earlier.

  8. Hi, I found your blog through Noelle's. As a mom of 7 grandma of 2, I agree with everything said so far. You always need more than you have and less than you think. They outgrow the newborn diapers so fast. Get a 2-3 packs and you will be ok.

    But what you should start getting when you go to the store is:
    baby lotion, whatever soap you want to use, baby nail clippers, socks, onesies, wipes, washcloths, burp cloths, laundry soap, especially laundry soap.

  9. That sounds like a great deal you got on that stuff! WHOOT!

    Here's my opinion on the diapers if you want a "6 month" regiment.

    1-2 Jumbo packs of Newborn (if she/he grows out too fast you can ALWAYS sell them on KSL)

    3-5 Size 1

    and then switch to size 2. Size 3 is the size Jerimiah staied in the longest.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Nice deals!!
    Honestly, I wouldn't buy any diapers at all. You haven't had baby showers yet, and I bet you'll get some there. The first few sizes newborn, 1 and 2, the baby seems to grow out of so fast, but you don't really know how fast until the MAJOR blow out happens and then you will be VERY grateful if you only have a pack or left of that size so you can move up quickly. You KNOW I like to buy things bulk and have on hand, but diapers I only buy one medium pack at a time until about size 3, which if I remember right is at least a few months (maybe even 6?) old. Of coarse all of that depends on the baby too. Spencer also thought it would be silly to stock up on larger sizes and have boxes and boxes of diapers take up your life. I wait until size 3 and then I buy a box at a time from Costco.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I LOVE hearing about it. It is SO SUPER EXCITING!!!

  11. I was just going to say what EmF said...wait to see what you get at your baby shower. If you buy everything you need there will be nothing left for anyone to get for you!

  12. Hey, don't buy everything okay? Save some things for us to give you at a baby shower.

    Also, I've heard tell that different diapers work on different kids. Alysa said Ander leaked through Huggies but not Loves. So you might want to try a smaller size package and see if it works and THEN go to Costco and buy the big one. Or do that EC thing because that would be really cool. Randy and I are sorta considering it for Baby Lucy--she and Ryann could be potty training at the same time.

    Kason has been in Kirkland brand diapers since he was brought home. Some people say they leak but we have never had problems. They are amazing for us and SAVE LOTS OF MONEY!!
    now when he was in the hospital he got those AWESOME huggies snuggler diapers.. they smell wonderful and are super cute and they are just perfect for their cord. BUT kason was such a chunk he out grew them by the time we got home.
    So i would not buy a bunch of new borns until the baby is born and then you can see how big he/she is.
    Costco wipes rock!
    if you have the money buy diapers NOW! they pee and poop like NOthing other! its insane! lol


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