Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's not like I've been perfectly proportioned my whole life, but until yesterday, I've never looked in the mirror and been able to SEE, actually physically see, one side of me bigger than the other.

Nobody told me that I'd pee my pants every time I puked, coughed or sneezed. And nobody bothered to mention that my boobs were gonna grow at different rates.

Josh laughed at me when I told him, and said "yep. they're different."

Seriously? I get that my body is gonna change, but can't it change on BOTH sides? Come on.


  1. Oh how I love you...you make my day!

  2. LOL!! Seriously, it never goes away. Nursing only enhances the differences, especially if babies prefers one side over the other.
    I am pretty sure that I told you about peeing your pants ALL the time.... ;)

  3. Seriously, what EmF said. Ugh! I had a problem with my left side for a while (mastitis and then a boil, of all things, and a lot of pain and argh). Rachel refused to nurse that side for like 2 weeks, so I just pumped. And trust me, my pumping was not as effective as her nursing was and TO THIS DAY I am still lopsided.

    So I'm hoping the next one will even things out? I don't know if that's possible.

    Mastitis makes your milk taste a little salty...just in case you were wondering why she wouldn't drink from that side. That's why. Who in their right mind would choose salt over sugar? I tried to explain to her that when you mix the tastes you get a stellar combination like kettle corn, but she wouldn't believe me.

  4. LOL. You have such a great blog. :) Yay for boobies! lol

  5. I had lopsided boobs too!
    Sorry, it's a part of life I guess!
    When you see your little one though, it won't matter anymore:)

  6. It's probably got an emotional tie. What does your book say about that? Something in life is out of balance? Actually, when you're pregnant, EVERYTHING in life is out of balance: eating, sleeping, every emotion, etc. So I guess it makes sense. My philosophy is to pretend it's not happening and just hope it all goes away as soon as this is over. ;)

    p.s. Just wait till your nose looks swollen and bigger. Tell me what function that serves!

  7. And you thought you were done stuffing your bra at 13? :) Pregnancy joys!!!

  8. Is your bellybutton still in the middle? Mine isn't. I kind of wonder if it never was centered.

  9. And just in case you're planning on nursing...you can enter to win a nursing cover here so you don't have to share your lopsidedness with the world.

    Only 11 people have entered so far so I will be a little sad if either you or I don't win. :)

  10. @ EmF - You told me your bladder SHRINKS not that it doesn't exist, that's a whole different thing.

    @ Katy - I'll have to look that up, cuz I sure could use a processing for whatever it is....

    @ Wendy - My belly button is still centered as far as I can tell, but I'm at work at the moment, so it may have shifted without my noticing. Thanks for reminding me of one more thing to freak out about.

    @ Nancy - I entered, and that's freakin' awesome. I want that thing. But if I can't have it, I want you to have it too.

  11. You really make me laugh. I wished I would have paid more attention when I was pregnant. I decided I was grouchy enough and so I stopped thinking about it all. Just be glad that they are lopsided rather than at your waste...you have a few more months of perky.

  12. Pregnancy is great! Keep watching, there are more changes to come!

  13. If it makes you feel any better... mine have always been noticeably different sizes... it makes bra shopping kinda hard. I guess I have this unrealistic hope in the back of my mind that once I'm pregnant it will make them more even. I don't want to think about the alternative!


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