Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walmart and why I love it.

I heard on the radio the other day that rooting for the Lakers is like rooting for Walmart. You just don’t do it. Sure you go there, you spend your money there, and you’re probably relieved when they move into your town because your life will be so much easier, BUT nobody actually cheers for Walmart because it’s the wrong thing to do and it makes you look like a bad person.
You should also know that my personal version of hell involves Walmart. On a Saturday.  In July. When it’s 10,000 degrees outside and everybody is walking around naked and smelly. Also it has to do with folding cardboard boxes (even typing it gives me goosebumps) while waiting in the “return line” on the day after Christmas. (still July and 10,000 degrees though, time doesn’t matter in the next life, remember?)
However, sometimes I go to Walmart with a list of items in my mind that I need.
Snow cone maker.
Baby boy outfit.
Thigh highs.
The problem with thigh highs (and every other kind of nylons on the planet) is that they either have the correct color or the correct style. Usually color trumps style because nobody wants orange (or yellow) legs. Really. Nobody.
However, Baby Thomas and I are officially boycotting all forms of “real” nylons with knee highs, thigh highs, and ankle length skirts.
That’s why today I have orange legs, but I don’t care because I’m gonna go home and make a snow cone. And that has nothing to do with my personal version of hell. 


  1. I think you're telling the truth on all these points. Also, I'll check our Walmart for the correct color and kind of nylons.

  2. Amy, I hope you are kidding about orange legs. Of course, if you show up to work with them, I will have a great reason to laugh.

    Just want you to know, I love Walmart--except when it's hell.

    I hate the Lakers, though. :)


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