Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall smells

I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but the weather has been positively beautiful the last few days. 

In Aundrea's words it's "so Amy-ish!" and yes. It is. I'm in heaven. 

So, I opened all of the windows a few days ago and haven't closed them yet. Because this time of year just smells. so. good. Unbearably good.

Until yesterday. 

We live withing spitting distance of Legacy parkway. And since the hippies built the parkway, it's protected wildlife/nature preserve all along it.

Which means that the animals roam free on the parkway, then get run over by the cars crawling along at a whopping 56 mph. 

It seems that more often than not 'the animals' = 'skunks'. 

So when I walked in the door yesterday the dead skunk smell had permeated the whole house.

Today the rain has cleared the smell and it really really smells like fall again. 

The days of naked mornings are long gone, socks and slippers are mandatory because I simply refuse to close these windows just yet. Because fall belongs inside my house.

It should be illegal to lock out fall.


  1. oh man, i wake up so many times in the night to the lovely smell of skunk guts. iiiiick!
    but i totally agree with you on the smell of fall, it is so nice to have the windows open and let it all in. we drove up immigration canyon sunday evening and it was so pretty- i recommend it!

  2. "It should be illegal to lock out the smell of fall" should be embroidered on a pillow somewhere in your house. Because that quote, too, is Amy-ish!

  3. I totally agree! I also think Fall should last longer and be a little more consistent...sometimes it's just too short because winter creeps in too fast and summer stays too long!

  4. When I read the title I thought it said, "Fat Smells" It got me thinking and now I"m curious could you do a post on 'Fat Smells' because I really want to know what that would mean.


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