Sunday, October 10, 2010

One year

It's been a year since I puked as part of my morning routine.

It's been a year since I unintentionally waddled.

It's been a year since the swelling in my feet went down.

It's been a year (well, in one more week) since I wore those pants.

It's been a year since I went to the hospital.

It's been a year since I looked at a fuzzy black and white picture and knew that I loved that picture more than any other.

It's been a year since a stranger walked up to me and touched my belly.

I gotta say, it's been a dang good year.


  1. Just read the whole story (all four parts) and it made me laugh. It was amazing to me how similar and yet how different every birth is. I especially laughed about the Wendy's thing because when I was in labor my doctor specifically said, "Go straight to the hospital don't stop at Wendy's on your way" I thought, "Who would stop at Wendy's when they're in labor?' but now I know: you do.

  2. Isn't it fun the things we have to go through to get those adorable little people into our lives?!!
    Love it!

  3. Hey Amy, Just found your blog while doing my daily blog-stalking, and it has already reached my favorite blog category! I will be reading this in my spare time for the next little bit! I love the way you tell your stories!!


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