Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conference: The winners

If Conference was a competition (it's not) here would be the awards:

Best (and only) breakfast maker: Amy

Filthiest white onesie: Tommy
Most excited about about hymns: Tommy

Blew bubbles long enough to get light-headed: Amy
Provided enough bubbles to last through all 4 sessions of conference (as if anyone could blow that long): Grandma B. 
Nakedest baby: Tommy (see filthy-white-onesie award above...)
Is it just me or is "filthy white onesie" a great name for a band?
Is it just me or is that an incredibly "old people" think to say?

Biggest bubble: Josh

Ate most popcorn out of someone else's mouth: Tommy.
Laughed so hard popcorn came out his nose: Joshua.
And there you have it. The awards of October Conference 2010. We'll see you in 6 months.

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