Monday, October 18, 2010

B-day partay

I spent Friday night making a cake. Because I wanted to prove that I can. 

And I can. And now I'm done with that. And I might not ever do it again. It's not smooth, but I have to say I was dang freakin' proud of it.

Then Bubbah Josh and I went over to the clubhouse and got ready for the partay to begin.

See? Here we are, glad to be 1 year old.
And by "got ready" I mean tied some balloons (face and all) to the tables and set out the food.

While we all sat around and ate, the grandmas took turns entertaining the little one. 
My mom playing "This is the way the boring kids ride, slow and easy, slow and easy...." and Tommy thinking she's the funniest thing since Josh.
After eating and sitting around and directing each family to the clubhouse one by one (shouldda just included a map....) we started with the presents. This is sortof my worst nightmare. I hate opening presents in front of people, so the fact that I did it just shows how much I love this child. And Josh's mom.

You might think this is a photo of Tommy enjoying his new book, but it isn't. It's a photo of how filthy the carpet in the clubhouse is - see the bottom of my feet? That's ONLY because I wandered around the clubhouse barefoot for 2 hours. Seriously.
Bubbah was spoiled absolutely rotten. And all of the people Josh and I  have ever annoyed in any way shape or form got the noisiest presents they could find. Bubbah positively loves them.
And while he was reaching the present fell and he face planted a little bit. It was fairly traumatic. But we're all OK.
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Once he recovered from the fall, he was thrilled with all his loot! We have such generous friends.

And then there was the cake!

This child knows what to do with cake when it's in front of him - but the crowd of people anticipating the whole event got to him I think. He stared at it. Examined it. Stared at it some more. Looked around and all the people looking at him. Looked at the cake. Looked at me. (replay this series of events for like 5 minutes)

Then, refusing to touch the apparent filth with his hands, he started to lick it.

Once he eased into it we all got to clap because he did so great.

I'm much too lazy to make a smash cake for him, and honestly I didn't want him eating a cake bigger than his own head - so I made cupcakes too. Maybe the fact that they look like Satan is what made him so wary.....

If you see pictures of these online you'll know how cute the example was and why I wanted to make them. If you just see my pictures you'll wonder why I threw my kid a Satan-themed birthday party. Don't judge me.

After forcing our guests to cart our stuff back to our house and clean up our mess (we're such good hosts....) we promptly changed into comfy clothes for an evening sitting around and playing with the new toys.

What a lovely day for the birthday party.


  1. Yay for Tommy! Happy birthday! And you make one heck of a cute monkey cake. :)

  2. Oh, your Satan-themed comment had me laughing, and my husband too. I love your blog.

  3. That cake is awesome! Good job mom!

  4. Aw, happy birthday Tommy! And awesome cake Amy! Seriously, there were no pictures of Ellie's first birthday cake on our blog because it was THAT bad. Well done mommy, well done.

  5. Did you find that recipe on Smitten Kitchen? Yours turned out wonderful! I have never entered the dicey world of cake decorating, I make them taste good and that is all that anyone can ask of me. Sounds like a successful party!

  6. I"m impressed with that cake!

  7. So did you a great job with the cake...and even the cup cakes. Looks like good fun was had by all.

  8. I think your cupcakes look great! And the cake too! I love the way you describe everything, it make me smile (or laugh out loud sometimes)! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  9. Holy cute cake! You're reminding me, though, that my baby turns one in just under a week...ummm...maybe we'll follow your example and celebrate a week late because, HELLO, I have no cute ideas like you!

    Happy, happy birthday to Tommy, though. He sure made out like a bandit!

  10. What a cutie!! Tommy is a doll. Yay for a fun birthday. I think your cake is adorable. Way to go, Supermom!

  11. What a lovely party! And awesome cake!!!

  12. Seriously, Amy, that cake is amazing. And the Satan cupcakes? Equally awesome (I'm still trying to see the Satan in them, though. The only thing Satanic I see is that now I must eat cupcakes, and eating an entire batch of cupcakes all by myself seems slightly [but only SLIGHTLY] Satanic). Happy Birthday to Tommy! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  13. That cake is AWESOME! You rock!

  14. Cute satan cupcakes. I'd eat one. And holy cow that floor is dirty. I might never go there again... Ok, that's a lie.


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