Saturday, October 9, 2010

Remember that time we had a baby? Part 2

Since we had called the hospital they were expecting us. We parked in the lot and passed a nurse who was just getting off her shift on our way down the stairs. She watched me waddle down the stairs and said "You must be Amy! They're all ready for you in there. Good luck!" And that part of getting there pretty much summarizes our whole experience at the hospital.

We walked to the front door, which was (of course) locked, so we walked around back to the ER door and checked in with the lady who was much more stressed about my baby coming than I was.

"I think my water broke and I'd like to have a baby here" we told her.
"How long ago?" she asked
While counting on my fingers, I guessed "2....maybe 3...oh wait, is it already 11? yeah, definitely 3 hours ago."

That's when she started hurrying up. Which I appreciated because I was still leaking "my water" and standing in one place for a long time didn't seem like a great option. Standing in a puddle of "your water" with your legs crossed is slightly less than graceful.

"Did you already check in?" she wanted to know which made no sense to me because clearly we had just arrived, she watched us walk through the door. That's when I remembered that our "how to have a baby" teacher was going to pre-register us that night. Only I was busy packing my bags and we skipped our final installation of "how to have a baby" what with all the "water" everywhere.
"No. We were going to do that tonight, but I guess we'd rather just have the baby instead." I tried to make a joke. She didn't laugh so much. Those ER people are so serious all the time! (Also I don't think I was really that funny.

She was in a hurry to get us out of "her" ER because "we don't really like babies coming out of women in the waiting area" so she sent us a with a clipboard and a pen and told us to send the paperwork down after we were settled in our room. That's right, we entered the hospital before being admitted. That's just the kind of cool we are.

The women at the next front desk were, in fact, ready for us, and waiting. Before we had even approached the desk they were talking to us. "You must be Amy. Are you ready to have this baby? Come on over here, we have a bed ready for you, and since you're the only ones here tonight you get the room with the jetted tub."

Josh and I did the fist-pumping high-five-ing business once she turned her back and we were pretty sure it was going to be a good night.

They gave me an IV which made me squeamish (Did you know they just leave that thing sticking out of your hand the whole time? Even when you're not attached to anything....) and I was still getting up to go to the bathroom at least every hour or two.

The first time I asked the nurse if I could get up please and she said "yes of course". But every time I got up from then on, they came in the room afterward because my sensors said we (the baby and I) were dead. We weren't. We were simply disconnected. But they had to come check on us to make sure.

Tommy's heart rate sensor wasn't staying put, so even when we were connected he had a "crappy sheet" showing his heart rate.

After talking to Dr. Man they told me that they'd just keep me monitored all night and wait for morning to start the real fun. See mom? We totally could have waited till morning.....nothing really happened that night anyway.

Josh tried to sleep in the chair next to me. I tried to sleep with all the beeping and that stupid pressure cuff exploding on my arm every 2 seconds. Aside from getting to know all of the nurses really well "let's check you again, it's been a little while hun" it was uneventful.

We were the only ones in labor and delivery that night, we had the undivided attention of everyone and the nurses were exceptionally kind.

The real fun started the next morning......


  1. Since you were all calm and happy and stuff, I'm a little bit ticked off that you didn't call ME. I realize there was a message on my voice mail at work; but as long as you were all happy and calm and calling moms and sisters...

    Eh, I'll get over it. :)

  2. what hospital did you deliver at? i'm assuming not lds because you mentioned being the only one in labor and delivery and i was definitely in labor and delivery that night at lds hospital.

    i love reading your birth experience story!! very interesting. especially when i try to think back on what was going on in my labor/delivery story that night at the same time. so funny! what time was tommy born? max was around 4:23 am on friday.


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