Thursday, October 14, 2010

String Bean

Bubbah was naked and laying nicely on the scale. I crossed all of my fingers and closed my eyes and tipped my head back because that seems like the ultimate "wishing" position.

Please let it say 20, please let it say 20. I chanted more than prayed.

The nurse looked at me like I was a little crazy, and chuckled to herself.

The numbers flashed a few times and finally held stead at 19 pounds 1.2 ounces.

"Dang it!" I muttered "we were so close!"

Here's the thing, I could gain a pound overnight if my mom asked me to. In fact, I could probably do it in one trip to Cafe Rio.

Bubbah apparently did not inherit that gift.

Dr. Lady lectured me about keeping him rear facing in the carseat even if he was 20 pounds. "You really should keep him backward until you can't stand it anymore anyway. So it's probably better that he's not 20 pounds yet."

I suppose it isn't that bad, and he doesn't scream the entire time he's in the car, so I should count my blessings right?

But I had the Switching of the Car Seat Ceremony all worked out in my head, and it was going to be a lovely thing. Right there in the parking lot of the Dr.'s office.

Instead I just buckled him in and we came home.

In other Dr. news:

  • Kid's noggin is still totally average (always has been) at 18 inches. 
  • 30" long puts him in the 70th percentile for height.
  • We can graduate to any kind of food we want. (Was I supposed to wait for that OK? Cuz I didn't.)
  • We're supposed to move from bottle to sippy. (I don't see this being an issue. Famous last words eh?)
  • Mom learned that kids don't drink the same milk as moms. (whole vs. skim) Duh? Yeah. Duh.
  • Tommy survived more more more shots. I hate shots. I can't watch. So I put my face next to bubbah and look him straight in the eye so he can't watch either. The exceedingly kind nurse nearly didn't survive the look of hate Tommy graced her with when she was done. She backed out of the room whimpering about how "he's looking at me like he hates me!" I think the nurse might have been most traumatized this round. Which I count as a victory.
  • Dr. Lady told me he was perfect. She always says that. Which is why she's perfect. 


  1. so, i think max took that extra inch tommy has on him length wise and put it on his head. :)
    they weigh the same, so that must be it.

    glad the shots went ok.

  2. Josie had that same problem. We had to keep taking her in for weight checks and she'd lose weight instead of gain! We finally got to turn her seat around when she was 16 months. Hopefully you can sooner because he will LOVE being able to see you when you're in the car!

  3. we were so excited when Kason could be turned around i never thought of safety being an issue.. until i saw a video a few weeks about keeping your child turned around as long as possible.. even if their legs hit the back seat.. it can save their lives.. the video showed a test dummy child in a rear facing seat, even his legs were over the edge hanging and the car hit a wall head on and he barley moved.. then it showed him forward facing and his neck almost snapping. it was crazy. google it. my next child im going to keep rear facing for much much longer than a year, or 20lbs.

  4. Ell's 16 months and STILL hasn't broken the 20 lb threshhold, but she's forward-facing. This lanky, skinny kid could barely fit in the carseat rear-facing anymore!


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