Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here's the thing....

I love the snow. I think I always have, and I suspect I always will.

It's cold. And wet. And WON-der-fullll! It's beautiful and calm and peaceful. It makes this the most wonderful time of the year without a doubt.

However, I do not love being trapped indoors.

So, what's your solution?

Do you just bundle up and eat soup every night to thaw yourself? Do your babies get over frostbite? Are there enough hats in the world?

Really. I want to know.


  1. i'm a wuss, we stay indoors most days or go to st. george where it's nice. plus i hate winter (from january-may but love it from october to december). bah humbug.

  2. We are not winter people at all! We stay in until a fresh snow when Brian isn't working and then they all go sledding. We don't play unless it's fresh snow- no real reason for that other than it's so fun to be the First tracks. I am mad at winter this year because we had no real fall. It just turned suddenly frigid! Fall is my favorite!! Oh and when we do go out in the snow my girls are bundled to the 9s! Multiple layers- they can hardly move.

  3. I am not a winter person either! I love staying inside and trying to avoid it! I do like to look at snow but other then that I guess I am no help:)

  4. Snow suits and snow boots... and they find they don't mind the snow and how cold it is...

  5. Pretty much it sucks with kids. I bought all the gear last year and my kids wouldn't wear the gloves or stop sticking their hands in the snow. they screamed from the cold. It is not a wonderful time of the year.

    Having said that, play dates, the mall playground, and visiting family is a good idea.

  6. We bundle up and use lots of waterproofing gear, especially the weather shield on the stroller that creates s nice warm cocoon for the baby.

  7. Um... I don't think we can be friends anymore... Did you not SEE the picture of my Tuesday? I'll email it to you...


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