Monday, October 25, 2010

Unnecessary inventions: kids toy volume

Volume switching on obnoxious kids toys. (thank you grandmas!)  - I'm just curious, once a mom finds that switch, does it ever go off the lowest setting again? No. Then why even offer the higher volume?


  1. The HIGHER volumes are for when the kiddos figure out how to move the switch so that they can annoy us Mommies even more! BTW: If it's a new toy, NEVER put batteries in it, most of the time they'll never know the difference because it will never sing! :)

  2. Because if there wasn't a volume switch, parents would complain that the toys are too loud and that there should be a lower volume level. Toy companies make them loud and obnoxious so that they are played with and not forgotten. It's all about advertising. I like that no batteries idea!

  3. I actually read an article in Parents magazine about this a while ago. There are some toys that are SO loud that they can actually cause hearing loss! They suggested putting masking tape over the little speakers. BEST IDEA EVER! All of my kid's noisy toys have masking tape on them now!


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