Sunday, October 3, 2010

tennis shoes at the buffet

I went to lunch with my sister yesterday and while I was waiting for her to arrive from two counties away I got to watch people - one of my favorite past-times.

Here's what I noticed. Some people wear tennis shoes to the buffet, others wear heels.

If you don't understand why that's significant, you're a heel person.


  1. At the risk of everyone in the world laughing at me: Please Explain!

    This kind of thing is rude. It's like those bumper stickers that say: Harley Davidson. If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand. And I asked my husband to explain, and he couldn't!

    Well, no wonder I don't understand!

    (*sigh* I guess I'm a heel person. Will I ever understand?)

  2. :) You are a heel person. Tennis shoes people go knowing that they'll be walking more steps than they'd like to take in heels. Heel people go knowing that although you can eat as much as many times as you want, they'll only go once because they have a certain amount of self control.


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