Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bubbah's b-day

Oh, did you not notice that Tommy turned a year old? Did you miss the 10 MILLION posts about that? The recap of the entire baby-having experience? (I never did get around to writing it all a year ago....) Well then, you have hours of catching up to do. Go nuts.

But the real fun starts today.

Bubbah shares a birthday with 2 other little ones in the ward. Which means that the clubhouse was reserved LONG before I got around to thinking about it. So, we're celebrating a week later and pretending that this is his birthday.

Even with a candle in the pancakes and everything.

We'll learn about not touching fire next summer.....

Maybe we'll also learn about forks....

and bite sized pieces......and chewing before you swallow.

Tommy has an aunt who never misses a birthday. I mean never ever. And her gift to him came a day early, of course we didn't let him open it until the actual day. And he had a hay day.

Eventually we had to tear the papers from his hands - something about being poisoned by post office germs and markers.

All of the wrestling led to Dad "gettin' you!" Tommy.


  1. I may or may not have watched your baby in uncontrollable giggles ten times in a row, because it made me so happy.

  2. We've watched that video approx. 1.5 billion times. Ryann's mad I'm typing this because she wants it again.

    Love you little boy!

  3. such a cute video!
    i didn't know there were 3 ward babies with the same b'day!


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