Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bad at it

Sometimes I'm just not that great at life.

Like last week when I got super glue and dryer lint on my fingernail at the same time while I was trying to glue magnets to paper. That's the whole story. I'm really just that incapable.

Or like last night, when I took my perfect innocent child for a bike ride just before the sun went down. I made sure he had snacks and water. I even gave him a couple of toys to play with while we rode because I wanted to go a decent distance.

But he started crying 3 miles in. So I went "just one more mile" and then came back. But the problem with riding a bike is that when you turn around you're only halfway done. And by the time I turned around, Bubbah was a mile past done.

So he cried the whole way home.

And all the other bikers judged me. I know it.

He screamed and wailed, only stopping to whimper occasionally.

I stopped and checked on him more than once, handed him the toy that was down by his feet, made sure he hadn't run out of water or snacks. And he was fine. Always fine.

When we got home his tiny little fingers and bare toes were cold. Bad mom! Why didn't a take a blanket with us? Because the sun was up when we left, and I was sweating like a pig. Not cold.

This morning's "bad at it" incident tops them all though.

I took Tommy grocery shopping, we got there in perfect time for the very best produce. I had my coupons and my price matching list. I was getting a steal-of-a-deal on EVERYTHING. I even found the perfect teenage boy checker (the kind who just does the price matching without challenging my research) and there was no line to wait in. This shopping trip was going to set a speed record AND a "happiness" record at the same time. Bubbah and I were thrilled.

I loaded all of my groceries onto the belt, in the appropriate order - eggs at the end and waited for the doode to start scanning.

Which is when I reached in my purse for my wallet.

Which is when I realized that my wallet wasn't in my purse.

Which is when I remembered that I got it for some computer work and it was still sitting on the computer desk.

Which is when my face turned red and I hung my head in shame. Leaving the grocery story with zero groceries and nothing but a wasted half hour.

Now all I'm doing is trying to decide whether I'm more embarrassed or just plain mad that I hafta re-do all of that shopping.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


  1. Amy, doll, trust me, I'm sure I've done worse. I've even done the whole leaving the wallet at home while going to the grocery store thing, but I have no excuse as cute as Tommy for it. I love you in all of your scattered awesomeness.

  2. Ugh! I hate it when your wallet is not in your purse where it's supposed to be! Not fun, but we all do it...or other things equal to it :)

  3. So it's not just me that does stuff like this? Phew!

  4. oh man, sorry amy!! that is honestly one of my worst nightmares. i am always worried i'm going to do that. it has happened plenty of other places but not the grocery store YET.

    sorry :(

  5. I just did this. I actually called Cam and made him leave work to come pay.

  6. Dude, I COMPLETELY hear you on this one. But trust me, you are a much better mom than me. I once locked myself out of my apartment... with my kid inside. Did I mention she had just received shots that afternoon? EPIC FAIL.

  7. Yeah, if this is the best you can throw at me for being less than perfect, all I can say is WHAT-FREAKIN'-EVER! Not only have I done all those things, but many more (worse) things. Give yourself some credit. You are fabulous!


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