Friday, May 18, 2007

Stranger Danger

Creepiest thing happened yesterday:
Josh and I were in our room at about 7:00 at night, we have this really bad habit of leaving our back door open, with just the screen door keeping out the scary strangers in our neighborhood (if you weren't already aware we live in a neighborhood full of really old nice mormons. :) We don't worry about locking the doors when we're at home.). I hear the creek of the screen door and sit up in bed IMMEDIATELY. I scramble and am clearly shocked, Josh looks at me like I'm crazy "what's wro-" "SHHHH" I interrupt him and listen intently. I hear rummaging in my kitchen, and rush to slam my bedroom doors shut. Josh listens closer and then we hear the creek of the back door again. We both get out there as quickly as possible and see NOBODY. There was no-one outside. Personally, I think it was mummies, but you're all welcome to form your own opinion.

While we were outside looking for the stranger in my house, I remembered that I needed to get my purse out of my car (the stranger didn't steal that, OR my dirty dishes!) when I did I remembered that my car has REEKED the last couple of days. I'm not talking about a "hot day" kind of odor, I'm talking about a "dirty diaper under the seat for 3 days in the hot sun in a black car" kind of odor. It's smelled increasingly yucky since 2 days ago, and I have searched my car high and low for whatever it is that's causing the stench. I can't find anything. I made Josh stick his head in my car and he almost gagged, then began the search. He found nothing then asked me to pop the trunk. Wow! In my trunk was a bad of formerly frozen chicken breasts from Costco that has been there for 3 DAYS! That's right, 3 long disgusting, record-breakingly HOT days. I thought he grabbed everything out of the trunk when he went, he thought I did, and there it sat. If you're wondering what that smells like, feel free to stick your nose in my dumpster. GROSS!!! So, now that we've found the culprit, scrubbed the trunk carpet and febreezed my brains out, I'm hoping to enter a decent smelling car this evening when I leave work. Sick. That's all I can say.

On the plus side of yesterday, we got to see Mat Kearney! Talk about good times, he was really cool and chill and fun. I liked him for sure. However, when we went to DI to find camping pots/pans they had NOT 1 SINGLE frying pan or pot for boiling water. Not even 1. That sucks huh?

So, 3 bad experiences 1 good, I consider the day a success.


  1. That is so creepy!!! I would have cried really hard. Make sure you lock your doors now!

    That's funny about the chicken, but totally sucks!

    YAY for Mat Kearney! Did you e-mail them and ask them to send you your picture? I did, but it will probably take them forever, lame.

    Seriously, we'll have to keep checking back at DI for pots, that was wierd they didn't have any.

    Are you still going camping tonight?

  2. I'll try real hard to be better at locking the doors, but you know...well I'll try. :)

    The chicken thing is seriusly disgusting! Ew.

    I didn't e-mail them, but I was listening this morning and Chelsea (the girl we're supposed to e-mail) is going to Mexico, so it'll probably be a long time. We could e-mail someone else too...

    I hope camping happens, Josh got a call from his boss who said that they're making a movie for corporate and they wanted to film him today...we'll see how long that takes.


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