Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Work Drama

The new organizational chart came out this morning. I'm not out of a job (thank goodness). But mine has changed yet again. At leats it seems like it, we'll see how much different it really is.... we had our meeting this morning, and David emphasized that we're not mad at Gabe and that he will be a seperate but equal partner in everything. So, Gabe is not getting fired (not that anyone thought he was but David felt the need to make that clear) he's just moving on. So, I stay here as the peon of the world. I know I'm not that important, and I didn't expect anything differetn, but it kinda stung a little to see my name at the VERY BOTTOM of the piece of paper with the title "administrative assistant" next to it. I know that's my job and I love it, I don't really want the responsibility that comes with anything more, but it still stung. How weird is that? I don't really understand it, but I felt like crying because I'm such a failure. Weird. Anyway, I guess that's that. I stay here, not doing any accounting or anything else, I just keep watering plants and romantic getaways for someone else to go on. I guess that is my lot in life for now.

Last night Jamie & Cameron came over and we made dinner and cinnamon rolls. The boys played video games (it's cute, I can't wait till Jamie I do the same things while our kids play video games with each other) and we made cards (kindof), made dinner, signed up for facebook and talked. That's good times for me. I've been thinking lately how much I love being a grown-up. I always laugh about the e-mails talking about how great it is to be a kid, and how everyone wants to be a kid again, but I really am so much loving this part of my life. I have freedom (because of the lack of kids) and ability at the same time. It's cool to be able to "play on a school night" and to do anything I want anytime I want. It's amazing to have good friends so close and to hang out with people who I truly enjoy. I have relatively few responsibilities, but enough to make me sane. It's great, I love this part of life. With that came an appreciation for coming out of the anti-social part of being a newlywed. For the first little while it was SOO cool to live with Josh that I didn't want anyone to intrude on that time. I didn't want to play with other people and I didn't want to do anything but hang out at "our house" and just be together. But now, we can both play with other people and still enjoy each other's company! Who knew?! Yeah, being married rocks.

Josh cleaned our carpets yesterday while I was at work, and when I came home my entire house smelled like pee. I thought I was going to puke when I walked in the door, I opened all the windows I could find, and left the backdoor open to try to air it out. I lit a candle and then we baked yummy dinner, which I hope got rid of the smell, we'll see today if it actually did or not. Cross your fingers for a peeless house today. :)


  1. to be tagged means that you now have to answer that questionier. then you can tag other people! :)

  2. sorry this is laura!! i was signed into my sister n laws account sorry!!

  3. You've GOT to figure out who you are when you do this. :) Jamie just told me about the other comment. LOL. OK I'm doing it, I'm doing it.


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