Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Brown hair???

I've had brown hair my ENTIRE life. And then suddenly I got married and turned into a blonde by mistake. We've decided that Josh is going to go to a really expensive school, and therefore we believe that we should save money, I would like to save time and let my hair be it's normal color again - so I'm publicly stating that I think I'm gonna be brown again - at least I'm thinking about it. The scary thing is that I think I'm just gonna make Josh do it with grocery store dye....maybe that's not the best idea, maybe I can bribe Jamie to do it. Anyway, I'm thinking about it.

I went to the bank today and turned in all my pennies for $100 bills. Yay for me! I'm feeling exceedingly wealthy for a moment anyway. Pretty soon I'm gonna have a Bosch, and I think I'll make Jam (to put on all the fresh bread I'll make) I'm pretty excited about all of this. :) Yay for me!

I still know nothing about my job. David is pretending like he hasn't decided yet, which is stupid and mean if you ask me. I'm dying to talk to someone about it, but we're pretending still....I guess we'll see what happens.

Josh and I are headed to UCMT to apply for school tonight - wish us luck!

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  1. Brown hair is good. I used to do my mom's for her, but her hair is SUPER short, so it wasn't hard. But your hair is LONG...brown is pretty :) Yay for school and $100 bills.


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