Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Yep, Jamie told me Laura tagged me, so then I knew and Jamie said I had to do it.

I tag Jamie. Ha ha, that's twice, now you REALLY have to:

I am: bloggin'
I want: to beat my husband at super smash brothers
I have: amazing friends
I wish: I was 50 pounds lighter
I hate: Traffic
I miss: making more $$ than my husband (congrats on the big fat raise babe!)
I hear: "You and I collide" keyboards clicking, computers running and the neighbors dog barking. :)
I wonder: What life has next for me.
I regret: not finishing my workload last night. (Just 2 more e-mails!)
I am not: going to stay at work today. Yay for the temple!
I dance: with my husband in the kitchen. There's just something about that, you know?
I sing: at the top of my lungs when the radio's on.
I cry: on my husband's shoulder - man that feels good.
I am not always: healthy
I make with my hands: cinnamon rolls
I write: e-mails to jamie, blogs, and notes on facebook. (Laura, how come you aren't on facebook, you should be. :))
I confuse: my boss's. All of them.
I need: a new hobbie.
I should: go walking more - take an aerobics class with jamie, eat salad, get in shape.
I start: thoughts
I finish: sentances

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  1. I totally thought I beat you at this, turns out you just put it on there and then another post so I didn't even see this!! My bad, you win :)


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