Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Creation or Evolution?

OK I am taking the coolest class on the planet. It's Pearl of Great Price and Brother Douglas and Brother Wilcox team teach it, which is pretty rad. Last night we were talking about the creation and evolution and the church's stand and all that. We talked about Christ creating other worlds and him being the savior for other worlds. I had a couple of interesting thoughts and realizations.

1. If Christ (under the direction of Heavenly Father) created other (not necessarily all, but some other) worlds and

2. Christ was the Savior for other worlds.

Was he born, lived on, and died on these other worlds? We talked a little bit about how his atonement is infinite, and that should mean there would only need to be ONE atonement. But, if that's the case, did he atone for people on other worlds without living among them first? Part of what makes the atonement so personal (for me) is that he lived here, he understands, he experienced everything that I have. If other worlds have different laws, would he then have to go to those worlds to have the experiences associated with them? And how important is the relationship between the "creator" and "savior" what really is one without the other. Would someone be willing to make that kind of sacrifice for something that was not theirs in the same way that someone is yours when you create it. I was thinking of how much more I care about the things that are mine, the things I make, care for, and understand. Just like parents love their own kids in a different way than they love other people's kids. It would seem that the amount of love shown by the atonement, would have to be achieved through creation.

We also talked about why a creation was necessary.

One person talked about how he couldn't have "tested us" in his backyard because it would have been too painful - they then referenced a general authority as saying that during the crucifixion Heavenly Father turned his head away in the farthest corner of the universe because it was so painful. The person quoting it in class said it was in Jesus the Christ, then my mom said it was Melvin J. Ballard in a talk about a dream he had. So, if anyone knows where I can find that, I wanna read the rest of that story.

Another person pointed out that it is against God's perfect nature to have imperfection in his "backyard" so to speak. If we were going to make mistakes, we needed to do it away from him. It thought of how we put muddy kids outside, and make them play in playpens. It's funny to think of our Heavenly Father sitting in the "home teaching room" of his house and saying "don't bring those muddy feet in my clean room! If you're gonna make a mess, do it outside!" (Not in an impatient way, of course, but in a kind loving, respectful way.)

Someone else pointed out that the veil is important and I kept thinking that we very well could be in his back yard for all we know. We certainly feel his presence with us at times, and there's no good reason that this earth isn't right next door so to speak. We just don't see it. And that's the whole point. The veil is the important part of that.

Another good thing I learned was that general authorities don't always agree. We read about how Talmage and Joseph Feilding Smith had VERY differing views of evolution and they made it very clear that they weren't on the same page. And it turns out that they're both still really good people. That was a good click moment for me. Not all people who are "good and righteous" agree on everything. It's OK that we disagree and have different perspective.

My teacher also quoted something that I've heard before about "when are the words of our leaders counted as scripture" and how not everything a GA or even the prophet says is hard doctrine or scripture. It's only when they've been moved upon by the spirit to say what they are saying. I can't remember where that came from, so if you know about that one too, I'd love to know that source - my mom didn't know what I was talking about (which shocked me!) so I'd love to show it to her.

Most of all I'm glad that I get to go to class and to learn more. I'm glad to live in a place where that's so easy. Yay for Utah!

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  1. That sounds like such an awesome class! Are you taking it at the UofU institute or a different one. Remember when we went together way back when, that was fun, I want to go to an institute class again. It's sort of like my weekly seminary classes, I learn SO much in them, I totally live for Thursday mornings when we get to do them. Seriously, where else in the world is it as easy to learn about the gospel? I second the yay for Utah! :)

    p.s. One of the guys I work for has a book that he put together of all these quotes by GA's and stuff I'll ask him about a few of the things you wanted to find the source for.


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