Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fresh fruits & veggies

OK, I've officially gotten out of control. I haven't been able to stop gaining weight since Josh & I got married, except for like 2 weeks when I ate NOTHING but fruits & veggies & protein. So I guess that's what I have to do. So, I decided on Sunday that I would start doing that on Monday. I made it through my first day! (Thanks to the COB cafeteria and their AMAZING salad bar - thanks for the hookup Jamie.) So now we're on day 2. Josh went grocery shopping with me last night because he loves me and we got all kinds of good tasting food. So, I won't starve to death. Josh is REALLY helpful in this endeavor because I have like 0 self-control and I like food. But he is very helpful and supportive and nice and not a nazi or a mean-guy. Anyway, he got all sad and asked "what about our barbeque's?" And he was not happy when I told him that I can't eat hamburgers, cuz they're not fresh fruits or vegetables. He got all sad and said "they're protein!" He's so cute. I love my husband.

Anyway, I think we're going to have to make shish kabobs (I don't know how to spell that word, so if anyone knows, I'll correct it. :)). Only I asked Jamie and all she could think of to put on them was pineapple and chicken, and that's all I could think of too - so we don't know any ingredients. So, maybe we'll just have pineapple chicken shish kabobs. :) We're cool.

This morning I made a smoothie goodness creation with my bosch (of course) and the blender leaked a little bit out of the bottom, that made me sad, I wonder if it has problems or if I have problems. I'll have to check with my mom on that one. Anyway, yay for yummy smoothie goodness! That was good grub!!! So, between that and all the other good stuff we got last night, I should be a happy girl, and maybe just maybe my clothes will fit again! (and the peasants rejoiced).

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