Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It has begun

It's Wednesday, that means 3 days into this massage school thing. I was really surprised at how lonely I got without him here. Monday he didn't even get home until 11 at night, which is later than we usually go to bed, so I was really feeling it. You know? I sat and watched tv, did laundry, did pilates, made dinner, did dishes, and then still had 2 hours to kill. Until about 9:30 I was all excited about him coming home and couldn't wait to see him, then I just kept getting sadder and sadder until he got home. I just missed him. And I felt left out. Like he gets to do this big, exciting, adventurous thing and I'm at home watching "The Bachelor" and wishing he was here to tell me to quit watching such stupid TV shows and play super-smash brothers with him. :) It's funny the things you miss. I just love him, that's all. Last night was better, and I expect tonight to be better too. I think eventually I'll get good at being alone, but for now I just don't like the silence, boredom, and lonliness.

Last night I started my Institute class, which I am really exccited about! Brother Wilcox teaches a Pearl of Great Price class on Tuesday nights, which willl be rad! I haven't studied the Pearl of Great Price since before I got married, so I'm excited to re-learn it. The best part was that last night Matt Harvey stuck his head in the class. He was on student council at the BC with me and I love that man to death, I was SOOO excited to see him! I made him stay for class, and we talked through class and after class. He really is one of my favorite people and I was glad to see him there, he's a good guy.

Work has been nuts lately and today it all kindof climaxed for me and Kim. We both have SOO much to do, and I think she's going to fire Kirby because he can't do what she needs him to, and I'm still not sure what my position will be in the company, but we might be back to putting me in Accounting. I'm not sure exactly what will happen, or even what I want to happen, but I am excited for whatever it is. I know it'll be good no matter what. This is my putting my job on my faith shelf. :) Josh's sister, Misty, taught me that phrase and I LOVE IT! It seems like I run inito plenty of things that I just need to put on my faith shelf, and trust that it willl work out, so I'm glad that my shelf now has a name. LOL

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