Tuesday, May 1, 2007

no job and a bosch

It seems like it's been forever since I've written, which I recognize it hasn't, but I think means that I'm getting addicted to this blogging thing. Yesterday turned out to be a reasonably good day. Josh and I went up to eat cake with Jamie and Cam because it was Jamie's birthday - which is always fun. Before that we got a lot of things done at the house that we've been meaning to do for a long time - lawn mowing, cleaning, etc. That always makes me feel good - so I was thankful for that. Today was a little bit strange at work.

This morning I got to work, did my normal stuff, and as I was working (downstairs because Nia was at my desk) Gabe came in. He casually mentioned that he and David are getting divorced. That is HUGE. They are both so dependant on each other that I'm not sure either of them will be able to function without the other. They're both really power hungry and think that they are the end-all be-all in every situation, so to have both of them in the same office is kindof rough. HOWEVER, I never in a million years thought that Gabe would really venture out on his own, pay his own bills and not come to David for everything. For me this is a really big change because I kindof work for both David and Gabe. I help Gabe a LOT with his personal life. Like his divorce and bills and appointments and all that stuff - but David is the one that pays me. And I do a ton of stuff for David too. So, I don't know what this means for me. This all came about because David hired Chris Harding to help him "organize and restructure" the business, meaning put people where they go and make us more efficient. Chris came back yesterday with his recommendation which was simply that Gabe leave David's office. It makes perfect sense, but I'm surprised that everyone seems to be OK with it. Gabe didnt' blow up, he didn't call everyone "these idiots" and he didn't throw anything, he just said they're splitting up. He also asked what I thought of the whole thing and I really didn't know what to say. So I didn't say much to him. He said he read Chris's report and he suggested that I go with Gabe. That's scary because Gabe is really unstable and I don't want my income to be dependant on his mood. So, that will be an adventure. The thing that is scary to me is that David will always see me as Gabe's leftovers that he had to keep on because Kim likes me and not as an asset to the company. I don't like feeling like that - but I guess life is just life, right? Anyway, things at work are going to be drastically different now and I'm not exactly sure what that means for me. Enough about work -

My mom called me today and told me that she got an ad from the Bosch store in the mail today. I have been "saving up for a bosch" for like 5 years, only this last year I really have been saving. And today she told me that there's a special mother's day sale and they are selling "limited edition" bosch's for $300 instead of the regular $450. So I freaked out and got all excited. I counted the other day, and I'm pretty sure I have $200ish. So I asked JOsh what he thinks and my amazing husband who I love told me that we should definitely get one if it's for real. :) yay for me! he even told me that he'd give me money from his ladder jar (he's saving for a litt'e giant ladder) for it because he loves me just that much. I am one lucky woman.

I have plenty more to write, but if I said it all, nobody would read it. :) Good night!


  1. You could always come work here, you would feel appreciated here :) hehe

  2. Heck yes I can! I think I'm staying here, at least until something in my life changes that.....we'll see. But imagine the lunches! ahhh....what a beautiful thing. :)


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