Saturday, May 12, 2007


Yep, we went camping. That's some seriously good times. Josh and I had to HURRY to get there, but he got home before I did (I'm so glad he's so helpful) and started putting things together and getting us ready to go. I got home, and we made quick hobo dinners and packed up and left.

We found: waterslides; pokin' sticks; jamie-the-fire-nazi; a fridge; and a racoon. That's some seriously good camping if you ask me.

Cameron found these "waterslides" and I was convinced that when the water is higher, we'll need to slide through them.

THEN, Cam found these logs that he thought we should "stick race" through the "waterslides", so even though they were stuck, he and Josh tried to get them to float and they finally did.

I think the most important discovery we made on this trip was simply that Jamie is smokey-the-bear in disguise. She is the ultimate fire-nazi and made SURE that we didn't burn down the whole world. LOL. She wouldn't let us leave until we were 100% positive that the campfire had been extinguished, and she was VERY concerned when a piece of cardboard we had burned flew off as burning ember. Cameron quickly pointed out that "the chances of that lighting a tree on fire are like 2 to 1" which didn't bring her any comfort. There were no embers when we left, and our campfire was safely extinguished. See?

Cameron also found a "fridge" which really means he made a circle of rocks in the river and put drinks in there to make them cold. It worked.
After we made banana boats (thank you Joshua) we were sitting around the campfire, just chillin' waiting for it to burn down and we heard something behind us, it was a raccoon and I was scared of it and wouldn't walk around without an escort for the rest of the night. I'm a pansy, what can I say? :) This thing was HUGE! Seriously! And last week Kim (my boss) was telling me about one time when her husband had to kill a raccoon and they told them to put it in a cage and drown it in a garbage can and it was mean and scary, so that's why I was scared, otherwise I would've thought it was cute.
Apart from all that, Josh and Cam brought their blow guns and we spit paintballs everywhere and I painted the log - we should have taken a picture of that, maybe Jamie did. We also shot Cam's airsoft guns, which was pretty cool. Overall, it was a very good vacation. I like those.
Oh yeah! I forgot the most important part! Josh helped me sleep, I haven't had a good night's sleep camping in like eternity, but he taught me how to do it right and I slept SOOOO good, until the car alarm went off because the raccoon came back, but I seriously slept very well. *sigh* I love my husband. :)


  1. I TOTALLY took a picture of the painted log, haha, that's funny. I like your recap of our camping trip, maybe I'll just copy and paste it on my blog so I don't have to write one, lol. I love you guys! :)

  2. i love camping! looks like you guys had a great time! yay! :)

  3. Kendal informed me that the "waterslides" are actually called coverts...I like our names better though :)


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