Saturday, July 20, 2013

7 Years

When Josh and I got married (you know, back when we had all the answers and knew how to make a marriage work) we made a pact that we would never have the "you forgot our anniversary" fight in our marriage. 

The solution? We were both responsible for it every year and instead of gifts we would give each other an experience. We'd go somewhere, or do something. And we'd plan it together.

So for our 1st anniversary we went to St. George. In July. Because we're idiots. 
2nd anniversary we went on an Alaskan Cruise which I blogged thoroughly. Because we're geniuses.
We spent our 3rd anniversary mini golfing in the middle of the day. Because pregnant girls don't waste vacation time on anniversaries. 
On our 4th anniversary we went camping. And I learned that post-baby there is no modesty between Josh and I.
I think we likely skipped our 5th anniversary. Though I did write some memories of our wedding day
And of course last year we went to San Diego.

Earlier this week I started to write the date and recognized the familiar numbers and nearly had a heart attack. I gasped audibly, immediately picked up the phone and called Josh to tell him we were about to forget our anniversary! (remember our deal?)

He told me to chill out and that he had it under control and that all I needed to do was show up on Friday at 3.

So I got off work early yesterday, for megadate because Josh had to work today (our real anniversary). He somehow bribed his younger siblings to come and take care of our kids. Pizza? It's amazing what people who love you will do for a pizza.

First he took me to get a pedicure at a swanky fancy pants salon - which was supposed to be our date of the month a few months ago, but we didn't use it because we suck at DOTM. (Not the best pedicure, but even the worst pedicure is better than a kick in the pants...and most other things too.)

Then, since it was a special occasion, we ate at Panda Express. wha wah waaaahhhhh...... (I do not love that place.) Though eating out without kids meant a Teeny Tiny Napkin Stack which is just about as fancy as I could ask for.

We saw a movie (Now You See Me - so cool).
We window shopped game stores and the mall. 
And finally Josh pulled up to a random Hotel. I didn't know we weren't going home, so I was surprised with the fancy room (most comfortable bed on the planet) a late night swim and a relaxed night. 

But the biggest surprise was that spending the night somewhere meant Josh took the day off work today - megadate was 2 WHOLE DAYS! (Can you imagine? Me niether...) 

We bummed around and wasted our whole morning watching tv (we never do that) and trying to decide if we wanted to go somewhere. Then we learned that John had been barfing all day so we got lunch and came home. 

It's nice to be "away" and irresponsible for a day. 

And today it was especially nice to feel so happy about who I married and our life together.


  1. Happy Anniversary to twoscoops! We love you!

  2. Wow! What a great celebration. Glad you two are married.


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