Monday, July 23, 2012

Awards Ceremony San Diego

The awards for:

Best New Common Candy: Raspberry M&M's.

Important Life Lesson Learned: peeing on it doesn't help a jelly fish sting.*

Cutest Freaking Baby on the Planet: John Boy. People from Salt Lake to San Diego and everywhere in between (Vegas!) agree. This kid charmed everyone he came in contact with.

Longest Drive Ever: Vegas to Civilization in California. Long. And hot. And decidedly not pretty.

Secret Talent: Non-Splashing. We sat and front and center in the very middle of the soak zone of every show and never did get wet. Tommy and I even walked down to the space in front of the front row during the splash song and didn't get wet. We thought it was just a fluke until we sat in the splash zone in every other show and still didn't get wet. Now we know it's a secret talent.

Favorite New Genre of Food: Hippie. Trader Joe's, Chipotle, Tender Greens. We like hippie food.

Best Smelling Public Restroom Between Here and the Ocean: Maritime Museum on board the ship. Not even kidding. That bathroom smelled like roses (not literally - but figuratively) and probably had a rainbow coming out of the windows.

Most Emotional Person in Sea World: Me. Shamu made me cry. And then the dolphins made me cry. And then the dude wearing a wet suit doing flips into the pool made me cry. And then the lady tied to the roof wearing wings made me cry. Then not eating lunch where I wanted to made me cry. So..... there's that.

*Just kidding. I didn't try that.

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  1. I think it is hilarious that you hate the drive from Vegas to California. When I was growing up my family drove to California every summer to vacation. We still go with my parents and brother every couple years. And each year my mom insists of driving that stretch of road, because she says that it is so pretty and so fun to drive (and she doesn't even like to drive)! In fact, I think that is why my parents always drive instead of fly. So I definitely got a good laugh out of your post!


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