Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Then & Now

5 years ago today, I couldn't stand up like a normal person. Then I blamed the corset, now I blame NBE (who is currently going by "Nick"). 

5 years ago today, Josh was always trying to kiss me. Then it was because he loved me, now it's because of habit.

5 years ago today, we were eating cake. Then it was because we were getting married and people were watching, now it's because we're hungry and nobody can see us.

5 years ago today, I was surrounded by little boys. Then it was because my siblings didn't know about baby girls, now it's because Josh & I don't know about baby girls.

5 years ago today, the grass was green, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and we wondered where we'd be in 5 years. I guess that hasn't really changed.


  1. happy anniversary! now i'm trying to think what i was doing 5 yrs ago today. :)

  2. since i'm nerdy i went and found my old journal to see what i was doing the day you got married...
    barfing. ha! i barfed all over myself that morning going to work. (first trimester w/cole). also living in a disgusting apartment with only a swamp cooler in the living room. so, i wrote about being nice and hot too. :)
    your day sounds way better than mine!

  3. lol - so sorry Ash! That's crazy that you were already pregnant and barfy...sheesh.

  4. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!!! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful wedding day.

  5. We have the same anniversary! Reece and I are celebrating four years today :) Hope your day is wonderful!

  6. Happy Anniversary! You guys are too cute together!

    When are we going to get together and play games (ie. before the semester starts)?

  7. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  8. I can't believe it's been five years...happy anniversary yesterday!! Hope you had some alone time. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! I like this cute anniversary post.

  10. 5 years ago I was working in a basement office with no windows to show me the light of day.

    Today, I am working in a basement office with no windows to show me the light of day.

    Huh. :o)

    I wonder where I will be in 5 years??


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