Saturday, July 24, 2010

Awww.....sweet camping

There's just something about being in the mountains with nothing around me that makes me love my family more and more and more.

Josh is very good at camping. And he's good at all the hard work that camping requires. And he's good at enjoying it. And I'm good at sitting around and appreciating his hard work.

So last weekend we took Tommy camping for the first time in our very favorite place in the whole wide world. Also we dragged the Medinas up the mountain with us because we wanted them to come too. And they obliged.

Here are the official directions (courtesy of my daddy) to Alexander Lake:

  1. Drive up the canyon until you see the Duchene Tunnel.
  2. Get out and say "oooh. aaaahh...."
  3. Turn Left.
  4. Drive until you can't anymore. Then stop.
  5. Get out and walk over the hill to the lake.
Only this time we didn't stop at the Duchene Tunnel because we just needed to get a spot to set stuff up and get our baby out the car. He'd been screaming for about an hour of the journey. It was only a journey because of the screaming. 

So we skipped the get out part and headed up the mountain. 

You should know that these directions are for my daddy who usually took an 85 station wagon (with wood paneling) loaded down with 2 adults, 5 kids and all the stuff we'd need in order to stay a whole week. But since we have a sweet action vehicle, we drive clear in right up to the lake. 

Except we didn't quite make it to the "get out and walk" place before the car overheated. 

So Ashley and I walked in with our babies (and none of their necessary supplies but we did have Cheetos!) and waited for Josh and Junior to drive the Medinas sweet action vehicle in. Then the boys went back out and drove our overheated car in. 

Remember how I hate the drive in? I'd rather hike in 10 times hauling all our gear than ride in once? Yep. I lucked out this year and didn't have to do either.

So we set up camp, and this is what it looked like.

Medinas staying by the fire. Notice Ashley's ninja attire - it kept the bugs off.

Josh wasted no time getting his hammock broken in.

And I wasted no time getting to the food. These marshmallows are about as big as my palm, and make for some killer s'mores.

Daddy and babby trying to nap. 

Getting ready for a walk around the lake. pictures by the lake!
 Ashley and I saw this enormous bug with antenna longer than my longest finger. (I didn't hold it out for comparison because I didn't wanna be that close to the yicky bug) And the boys tried to light it on fire. But it didn't burn. So we called it Shadrach.
Poor Shadrach.

Awww...another lake family picture. Tommy is sleeping in there. Not dead.

Josh made it a point to pick every flower he saw and stick it in my ear. He's romantic.

We found a swing! So we swung. Sortof.

Poor Stella couldn't keep her head up because she was too tired.
We brought potatoes. And I knew they were pretty old....but I didn't realize just HOW old until we got there and pulled them out of the bag. Apparently Junior has some mad peeling skills and peel like 6 of these in the time it took Ashley and I to peel 2.
Jr and his mad peeling skills. Also he has the ability to keep a straight face while we all laugh about the potato growth.

Tommy likes camping.

The view from inside the tent.

Tommy & Dad chillin at o dark 30 am. Which is apparently when a boy should wake up.

I love the fire. Love it.

Prettiest lake there is.
We swam, but I don't have those pictures yet, and to be honest I think I'll spare you. :D  Let's just say that Josh used Tommy's floatie and would've stayed out longer, except that Junior was getting hypothermia. So a few minutes after Junior went back, Josh and I went back to take care of our child. No laps around the lake this year, but at least we got wet. I'll take it!

Is it just me or did my baby turn into a little boy?

He still refuses to sit without his feet up on stuff.

And Stella holds her ear and sucks her thumb when she's tired. 
Tommy slept pretty well. We have a little backpacking tent which is definitely not big enough to put a pack & play in, so he just slept in our big sleeping bag with us.

I woke up the first morning and was so impressed with how well he did. He woke up 4-5 times but went back to sleep after just one lullabye from dad every time. So I told Josh, who looked at me like I'd grown as many eyes as that potato up there, that I was so glad he did so well. That when Josh (kindly and gently) corrected me and told me he was up all night with him singing and holding and playing while I sawed logs 2 inches away.

The next night he really did do much much better. Only waking up 2-3 times and really falling asleep again quickly.
Tommy sleeps when he's tired.
So on our way back down we decided to stop at the Duchene Tunnel. Because when you don't follow the directions exactly, your car overheats because you've cursed yourself.

Tommy & Daddy recovering from the horrible drive out.

We're stinky and we're dirty, but we'll cram in a picture together anyway.

See dad? We did it right this time!

And then we thought it would be good for the babies to sit on top of the tunnel sign.

Calm down the daddies are right behind them.

Morning at Alexander Lake is the very best thing you can imagine. And I don't even like mornings. But it's quiet and calm and peaceful and sill. And you can hear your fire crackling. And your baby squealing. The reflection on the lake is perfect because the water is smooth and calm. Plus since nobody else is up yet, you can pretty much pee anywhere you want. Well...not ANYwhere......

But the best part of Alexander Lake in the morning is the echo. And when your kid discovers that......heaven.


  1. How fun! I'm so sad Ryan works all weekends and we can never go camping with you guys... but can we steal your camping spot?? That looks gorgeous!!! ... I was also going to suggest maybe getting those curtains that keep out all the light in Tommy's room. Jayden started waking up super early in the summers, and the curtains saved us all (me). And you don't look very red... at least today you didn't. You looked very tan!

  2. How fun Amy! I love your pictures, and you are right about Alexander Lake being the MOST beautiful. It is.


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