Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Last night at dinner, we heard the waiters singing Happy Birthday to someone way across the dining room. Then they worked their way ping at a lot of tables on the way. They landed at the table next to ours singing Happy Anniversary to a very happy older couple.

We glanced (it would have been rude to stare) at the couple, and then turned back to hear the stories from our table mates. Suddenly, Josh and I looked at each other, and I knew we both knew that we had both forgotten that yesterday was our anniversary. Wow! Who wouldda thought?
Before we got married we took a prep for eternal marriage class, and we heard stories from the teacher and pretty much everybody else we met about one party or the other forgetting their anniversary and being in big trouble for it. Josh and I decided that since we both got married that day, it is the responsibility of both parties to remember the anniversary. We are celebrating our togetherness, and it will be our job together to figure out how to celebrate.

Once we figured out that it was our special day, we wished each other a Happy Anniversary about 10 million times. We reminisced and remembered. We ordered something special for desert – OK cruise deserts are ALWAYS special. We held hands the rest of the night, and kindof fell in love again. Isn’t it funny how the conscious knowledge that it is a special day makes you like it (and each other) more? It’s a good feeling.
Well, in honor of our anniversary, here are ten reasons I’m glad I’m married to Josh (and not someone else):

10. He makes me laugh every day.
9. He opens doors for me.
8. He kisses me after we pray together – every time.
7. He wants to see the world – and he wants me to be with him. (Thus the trip to Alaska).
6. He is willing to try anything. This adventurous spirit is the only reason he dared marry me I’m pretty sure.
5. He actually thinks I’m beautiful – and he tells me so! Even when we’re camping.
4. He gets up at 5am just in case something cool is happening on the top deck.
3. He protects me when I’m scared or uneasy. (or from the bad guys…..)
2. He supports me in anything I want to do. Even if that means quitting my job for no apparent reason.
1. He loves me and I know it.

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