Monday, July 21, 2008

Day At Sea

The first day on the cruise kindof reminded me of the first day of school. I feel like some kids are immediately pegged as the cool kids, the homebodies, the drunks, the geeks, etc. I’m still not quite sure what we are because it isn’t quite as defined as high school.

We spend the entire day at sea, which we thought would be nice because it would mean that we’d have time to get to know the ship and everything on it. Unfortunately we still get lost every time we step off an elevator. We wander around until we find food (which truthfully isn’t very long because it’s a cruise ship) and then we try to figure out where we are while stuffing our faces with the best grub this side of….well I don’t really know where we are – so I’m not sure what side of what we’re on.

The boat has contests and events, Josh participated in the ping pong tournament (he got out after winning one game), we tried to hit a golf ball into the floating life preservers (the things that look like cheerios) and neither of us came anywhere close to that. We went to some classes/lectures.

I learned about the wildlife in Alaska and how you have to wait for it to see anything. I learned where to shop in Juneau and Sitka. I watched the florist of the ship (1 of 2) create some beautiful arrangements. I attended an art lecture (the history of art in 30 minutes). I’m not quite sure what Josh was doing that whole time – part of it was ping pong, and part of it was eating lunch without me – I’m not sure what else he did though. I’m surprised to say that my favorite class was where to shop in Juneau and Sitka. I’m excited to go out and see stuff today – I think this port will be very cool….at least I hope so.

The best part of Sunday, was that it was formal night. Which means we get all gussied up – well, as gussied as we get, and go eat dinner. So I did my hair all up, and donned my new dress, and off we went to formal night.

At dinner we sat by the parents of the art lecture guy, and art lecture guy (Scott) joined us for part of dinner. Again Josh’s ability to listen and get people talking came out during dinner. I know all about these people, (they currently live in Texas, they have 3 kids scattered across the world, they’ve lived over seas for Jerry’s work, they have a closet full of photographs that have never been put into books, etc.) and I think they know we’re from Utah, but that’s about it. I’m kindof getting to like this listening business….it’s certainly is interesting, and it beats hearing the same stories I already know out of our own mouths. I much prefer hearing something new from someone else. Thanks to my hubby for being so good at drawing the “interesting” out in everyone.

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