Thursday, July 24, 2008


I’m a snob. Yes, you read that right, I, Amy Lavina Egbert, hereby declare myself a snob.

I think most people are snobs about something. Some people are fruit snobs – eating nothing but the best, and nothing touching the worst. Some people are travel snobs, and they only take the best cruise line to the best places. Some people are airplane snobs, only flying first class. Some are clothing snobs, shoe snobs, food snobs, house snobs, furniture snobs, the list continues. So what kind of snob am I? Paper products.

There are a few things I truly hate in this world, and cheap toilet paper/paper towels/facial tissue are the worst of them. I’m paying $100/day to live on a cruise ship. I have the best of everything, Room service 24/7. My choice of 2 swimming pools and 5 hot tubs. Entertainment of any kind, any time. A live band to dance to. An art gallery with some art that is fine enough that I think it’s ugly (not that it’s saying a whole lot….but people are throwing down some serious cash for this stuff!). A spa, fine jewelry, a beautiful view of some of the most incredible places on the planet.

Now, someone please explain to me why they can’t afford to buy decent toilet paper?

We’re talking 1 ply, thin, cheap, this stuff falls apart before use – forget about it doing its job during use. TMI? Sorry. 

I can understand it in a public government restroom (something about how 25% of my income is not enough for the government to buy descent toilet paper....I know I don't earn a lot, but I'd think Charmin would cut you a break for that much business) but on a cruise ship? The essence of luxury? Seriously guys….give me a break!


  1.'re funny. You do raise a good point though. Doesn't quite make sense, does it?

  2. Excellant point. You should write the cruise ship owners! Why stop there? Take it all the way to the President!

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