Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday Party

Last week Garret (Tommy's current favorite person) celebrated his 13th birthday.

We had Spiderman cupcakes and a helium balloon to help him celebrate.

Which launched Tommy into full-on birthday mode.

"It's going to be my party soon!" he told me.
"In October" I said.
"Yes. Tock-tober!"

Then he started telling me who would be on the guest list.

remember your friend about your sister called Sarah?
and Garret......"

He was fully satisfied with the list but wasn't at all satisfied at the thought that we'd wait until October to invite people. So we called and left a message for my sister to tell her that Garret & Logzeroo were invited.

Then he planned the rest of the party (priorities people) spiderman treats. And balloons. And cars and toys and CAKE!!!

So...there's that. Look at me planning things MONTHS before they happen.

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