Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The High Dive (and other awesome peer pressure)

So remember how I'm a hard core swimmer?

It's awesome to be a hardcore swimmer because you get to go to the pool with your friends. And suddenly you get talked in to doing things you wouldn't otherwise do.

Like going down the waterslide with 3 other grown women and no children.
Or swimming "just a couple more laps so we're on an even number".
Or buying a swim cap.
Or jumping off the high dive for the first time in my life (at 27 years old.....terrifying! and fun)

But the biggest baddest coolest peer pressure thing is that I signed up to do a triathalon. It's just the novice (meaning the distances are significantly shorter) but I'm gonna drag every ounce of this body through the pool, on the bike, and run it across the finish line.

It didn't occur to me to be nervous about it until yesterday. And suddenly I'm realizing that I might wish I was dead by the time I finish. I have to get in and out of the pool, and show up early for "body marking". I have to work out all of the logistics (get the bike up there, set up my transition area, get dressed when I'm all drippy from the swim...) and make sure my equipment is ready. I am going to be "racing" along with other people who are significantly faster than I am. I'm terrified. To my very core.

I think having totally awesome friends is good for me.


  1. I'm excited for your triathlon! (even a little jealous) I can't believe you jumped off the high dive. SCARY! How high was it? Pools still have those? Go Amy Go!

  2. You rock, Amy! I think it is even more awesome that you are doing a triathlon before Spencer has! GO AMY!


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