Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sugar Fast 2012

Sugar Fast (the sissy version) has been going on at our house for a few months now.

We modified our usual "there will be NO sweets!" mandate by allowing Sundays to be free days.

$50 on the table for the big winner of Sugar Fast 2012.

Every week on Friday I beg Josh to let it be over.  A truce. Please. pleaaase  Because our hot date will be so much hotter with M&Ms in our popcorn while we watch Jack Bauer save the world.

Every Monday morning I tell Josh that we should never eat anything sweet again. Ever.

But this week the Friday night begging started early. Tuesday morning to be precise. I blame the frozen cookie dough taunting me every time I went to get Johnny's food.

So I waited for him to come home, got right up in his face, and ate my frozen cookie dough ball claiming it was worth every penny.

If you want to know the truth it wasn't worth it. But I'll never admit that to Josh.

So now it's over!

And THAT is worth every penny.

As an added bonus, now I get to see what Josh would do with free $50.

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