Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$21 Flip Flops

Kohl's gave me a buncha free money. So obviously I went looking for shoes.

I happened to be wearing this year's Old Navy $2 flops. I have worn them so many days in a row that the souls are paper-thin and the buttons that keep the strappy parts attached to the soul are pinching my feet when I walk.

This happens twice a year, and I go spend $2 more on flip flops because I simply love them.

But there I was, standing in the shoe department and Kohl's and the $20 flip flops were STARING AT ME. Straight in the eye.

I rolled my eyes to Josh making some snide comment about "what kind of person spends TWENTY DOLLARS on flip flops?"

He nodded and smiled while I tried on a pair.

And now I have no reason to go to Old Navy.

I have officially joined the ranks of grownups who don't wear $2 shoes.


  1. Someday maybe I'll join the ranks.

  2. oooo are they 20 dollars comfy or 20 dollars cutesy?


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