Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prayer = Success

My resolution for April was to spend 10 minutes in prayer daily.

It's sortof embarrassing to tell you how hard that was for me, but it was hard. And totally amazing.

I did it every day, some days waking up at 5am and other days starting my 10 minutes with my eyes half shut at 11:49pm. I set a timer, and knelt by my bed (most often, other times I sat on my couch or even on my bath mat) and prayed.

I learned that I need longer than the 30 seconds I usually give myself to go through my list of people I love who need my prayers. And when I'm finally through my list (I genuinely care about a lot of people!) I still have things I worry about. Things I need help with. When I feel like I have a long time they all go in my prayers - not just the noisiest ones. I am more grateful and concerned about doing the right thing. I work harder on my calling and I think of more kind things to do.

As I wrap up this month of prayer I feel that inspiration comes easier and that my temper is slower. In general I am more satisfied with life and the way I am living. Because I'm living differently or because I'm feeling more loved? I don't know....

I quickly began to crave this time in my day. But after 3 weeks I had a hard time committing to it every night and was glad the obligation would be over soon. I wanted to spend a longer time more meaningfully in prayer - but I didn't want to set a timer anymore. So I don't think this will be a permanent part of my daily routine, but I do hope that I will spend at least 10 minutes praying on a regular basis, instead of so rarely that I don't even know if it's possible.

The best part of this resolution was feeling loved by my Heavenly Father. I felt closer to him than I have in a long time, and this came at a really good time for me.

I needed that.

To hold me accountable for all the months so far......click here.

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