Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Death of a Cool Mom

I have an end table sitting to the side of my desk so Tommy can sit on top of it and color on the empty end of my desk. It's sweet really.

Which is why it got boring after about 3 minutes.

Which is why he started crawling under the table to hang out.

Which naturally led to him taking crayons under there.

I should probably preface this story by telling you how much Josh hates coloring. Specifically 2 year olds coloring. He hates crayons, markers and pencils.
He hates pictures.
He hates art.
He hates creativity and brain development.

OK I might be exaggerating. But he has honestly told me more than once that he thinks we should be a crayon-free house. And he wasn't kidding.

So when Tommy goes crawling around the house with crayons I get nervous. Because if Josh were going to go all crazy and leave me, it would be over crayons on the wall.

But I'm torn because I really REALLY wanna be a cool mom. And cool moms let their kids make messes. I saw it on the internet so I know it's true. Thank you Pinterest.

So I taped a page (or 2) of the coloring book on the under side of the table so he could go under there and color legally. Keeping daddy living in our house and mommy being cool. Which is, of course, the ultimate goal.

All of the real moms (cool and still married alike) out there know the end of this story because it is the exact reason that NOBODY lets their kid color on the furniture. Even if it is covered in paper.


  1. I love you Amy! You always make me smile.

  2. Oh dear. I've never tried it, but I've heard magic erasers work on crayons. maybe Crayola will have a solution?


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