Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boy Genius

There is a jar of treats on the shelf above the toilet in the boys' bathroom. Tommy knows (very well) that if he goes "potty in a toilet" he gets a treat.

Every night as he gets out of the bath he asks for a treat and we tell him that they are "only if you go potty in the toilet" and he goes "oooooh. potty a twailet?" and we giggle because we love it when he goes "ooooohhhhh".

The jar has started accumulating dust.

Today he barged in on me in his bathroom, he was pointing like a maniac at his treat jar.

"Mommy potty in a twailet! Mommy a tweeet! Tommy a tweet too! Mommy share!"

His brain was going a million miles a minute because he had clearly discovered a loophole and his mouth really couldn't keep up.


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