Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soggy Zoo

When the Burches come to town we do fun things. No matter what.

Because the Burches don't come to town that often.

We planned a morning at the zoo for Friday, and although we woke up to rain we voted to power through and do the zoo anyway.

Which turned out to be awesome.

And cold.
Tommy rockin' a standard Utah Spring Uniform (shorts, flip flops, winter coat. that's how we roll.)

And wet.

But that certainly didn't stop us from taking pictures.
Cassidy's bum, Evie & Cameron

Evie in a turtle shell

Tommy loves this boring slide

monkeys watching monkeys


Tommy thinks snakes are more interesting than cameras

We forced the Burches to take ape pictures in the rain. Because I think there might be someone checking as you leave to make sure you did. Like the Costco receipt guy, without the sharpie.

But watch this.

May 2011

May 2012

My boy aged from infant to juvenile ape height in a year. That's why they make you take this picture - so you can see how freaking enormous your child is next year. 

I sometimes forget how tiny that boy was. You know, now that he's all huge and man-like (and still wants me to hold him).
Feb 2011


  1. Awe! Love that cutie! Zoo is fun no matter what :)

  2. We took a soggy trip to the zoo this week too! Your boys are so. stinkin. adorable. I love them and I don't even know them. Creepy?


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